Perry White

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Real Identity: Perry White
Affiliation(s): Daily Planet
Appearances (Comics): Fears, Hot Case, and Players Chapter Two
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Perry White was born in 1967. He is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet newspaper. White stresses the need of all of his reporters to dig deep and expose the whole truth rather than creating one from implication and bias. White was included in one of Superboy's memory implants where Superman goes on a rampage in Metropolis. In it, White was killed when Superman used his heat vision. On August 14th, 01:45 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Team Year Zero, White was present at Bibbo's Diner. He was unaware a group of teenagers seated near him was the Team. On December 1st, 10:35 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Five, White was outside the Daily Planet when an alien device landed in the street and burrowed into the ground.