Marvin White

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Real Identity: Marvin White
Affiliation(s): Happy Harbor High School
Appearances: Targets, Failsafe, Secrets, and Misplaced
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Nolan North

Marvin White is a current student at Happy Harbor High School. Upon starting his second year there, on September 7th, the 16 year old was accosted by Connor Kent and questioned about the stylized "M" on his T-shirt. Mal Duncan ordered Kent to release White but a teacher, Lucas Carr, broke up the squabble. White befriended Kent and Megan Morse. During school, it became evident that White plays the role of class clown. On October 31st, White dressed as Batman. He attempted to play a prank on everyone attending the Halloween Dance and made them believe Earth was invaded by Martians. Connor Kent overheard White and with Megan Morse and Wally West, he played a prank on White to make him believe his own. When he reported real Martians to the school, the trio revealed themselves to be unharmed and exposed White. Five years later, White and Harris began dating. White began to buckle under the pressure but didn't want to screw up the relationship. Conner Kent was brough in as a buffer of sorts.