Tseng Dangun

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Real Identity: Tseng Dangun
Affiliation(s): South Rhelasia and United Nations
Appearances: Targets, Happy Near Year, Before The Dawn, Cornered, War, Summit, and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: Yuji Okumoto

Prime Minister Tseng is the leading politican of South Rhelasia. On one September, he joined his counterpart General Singh Manh Li at a Rhelasian peace summit in Taipei. When talks broke down, both agreed to an independent arbitrator as a method of last resort, Lex Luthor. After Red Arrow and Aqualad fought off the League of Shadows, Luthor was thanked by both leaders and they signed a treaty. Over five years later, Tseng was now serving as Secretary-General of the United Nations. At some point, he was kidnapped by the Kroloteans and replaced with a stand-in. While Tseng was imprisoned at an underwater base in New Orleans, the fake Tseng was targeted by Lobo on January 1st. On January 4th, Tseng and other prisoners were rescued by Robin, Lagoon Boy, and Blue Beetle.

On Match 31st, Tseng personally greeted the Reach Ambassador at the United Nations Headquarters. On April 1st, Tseng and the Ambassador met with Captain Atom. Tseng lauded the Ambassador for the Reach's openness but became confused when it was revealed the Justice League were wanted criminals throughout the galaxy and the Team attacked a Reach ship. Tseng demanded evidence and witnesses from the bewildered Captain Atom. On April 2nd, Tseng and the Ambassador took a U.N. helicopter to the Hall of Justice. After the Ambassador helped neutralize Despero's shield, he "accidentally" revealed the existence of the League's Watchtower. Tseng was alarmed by the revelation. He later invited the Reach for an extended stay on Earth. On May 25th, 05:31 EDT, Tseng took part in a press conference with the Reach Ambassador pledging the Reach would not abandon Earth in light of the Warworld's presence.

On June 19th, Captain Atom presented new incriminating evidence against the Reach to Tseng. Tseng called for an emergency session at the United Nations Headquarters. The decision was unanimous. Tseng officially rescinded the invitation to the Reach to stay on Earth and demanded they leave. As a result of this declaration, the Green Lantern Corps now had jurisdiction again and could act against the Reach on Earth. On June 20th, Tseng allowed Lex Luthor to use his private line to send a transmission to the Watchtower and reveal a plan to save the world. For his disasterous collobration with the Reach, Tseng was targeted by G. Gordon Godrey, who called for his resignation. On July 4th, Tseng resigned from the position of Secretary-General. No successor was chosen, but Godrey revealed his support for Lex Luthor.