Wit Saunders

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Real Identity: Wit Saunders
Affiliation(s): Happy Harbor Police Department and Metropolis Police Department
Appearances:: Welcome to Happy Harbor and Death and Rebirth
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Nolan North (Welcome to Happy Harbor)

On July 18 Team Year Zero, after 11:16 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Wit Saunders helped evacuate citizens during Mister Twister's attack on a harbor in Happy Harbor. He yelled for everyone, including Snapper Carr, to clear the area just as Miss Martian, disguised as Red Tornado, arrived on scene. At some point, Saunders transferred from Happy Harbor to the Metropolis Police Department. On September 14 Team Year Ten, after 6:08 EDT, Saunders called on the citizens in Planet Circle to evacuate upon the arrival of General Dru-Zod and his team.