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Real Identity: Solovar
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business and Gorilla Warfare
Powers/Skills: Telepathy, Enhanced Intelligence, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Solovar was born in 1990. He is a silverback gorilla and is alpha male of his troop. He was captured and subjected to Kobra Venom and brain enhancement procedures by the Brain and Ultra-Humanite in Gorilla City hidden somewhere in the Bwundan Jungle. Solovar communicated with his masters with Sign Language and hid the troops' powers from them. However, they were forced to comply since their offspring were held hostage. On September 26th, Grodd, Solovar and several gorillas were dispatched to capture the Team. Grodd and Solovar easily neutralized them with Proprietary Collars. Solovar saw a chance at staging a revolution with the Team as allies. In the aftermath, Solovar was reunited with his mate Boka and progeny Nnamdi. He mused the troop might build their own Gorilla City.