Sergeant Polk

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Real Identity: Sergeant Enos Polk
Affiliation(s): United States Air Force
Appearances (Comics): Cold Case and Hot Case
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Enos Polk was born in 1947. United Stated Air Force Sergeant Polk was a military police officer during the Vietnam Era. In 1968, Polk was part of a weapons smuggling ring that involved several US officers. As part of a plan to get rid of Captain Adams and General Lemar, Polk used Adams' service knife to murder Lemar. At Adams' court martial, Polk testified he came upon Captain Adams standing over a murdered General Lemar with his service knife. Polk retired and was living in Metropolis. He was among the ring who was murdered by his former co-conspirators. On August 14th, Artemis, Aqualad, and Miss Martian searched Polk's home and were led to believe he packed a bag and fled the scene. Polk meanwhile was placed in Henry Yarrow's Las Vegas home and blown up. Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy serached the ruins and mistook Polk's body for Yarrow's. Both had the same eagle tattoo on their left arms.