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Real Identity: Sardath
Appearances: Happy New Year and Earthlings
Powers/Skills: Technology
Voiced By: Morgan Shepard

Sardath is a scientist on the planet Rann. Sardath's latest project involved experiments in very advanced interplanetary Zeta Beam travel. Since the Rannian Science Command was xenophobic, Sardath kept his research a secret. However, he discovered some of his technology was stolen and found a signal between Rann and 14 locations on Earth. While tracing them, he accidentally teleported Adam Strange to Rann. After several weeks, they established basic communication and worked together on the theft. Sardath gave Strange a device that could effectively trace Zeta radiation.

On January 4th, 22:17 UTC, Sardath harbored Strange and the Team's Zeta Squad. While Sardath's daughter Alanna led the squad to the Krolotean base, he elected to remain behind to work on a Zeta Shield. It would prevent unauthorized Zeta Beam travel to Earth and trap those still on the planet. Adam Strange later returned to help Sardath work on the technology.