Sandra Stanyon

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Real Identity: Sandra Stanyon
Appearances (Episodes): Image
Appearances (Comics): Torch Songs: Part 1 and Torch Songs: Part 2
Powers/Skills: Acting
Voiced By: Marina Sirtis

Sandra Stanyon is an actress who starred opposite Jonathan Lord at the age of 18 in the 1940 movie, "The Silver Blade." It was her breakout role and she found it terribly exciting. For the movie, Stanyon did her own stunts. Stanyon found Lord talented and handsome then fell in love with him. They also co-starred on "Undercover Agent" and "Dial "D" For Dead." Lord's first marriage ended after it was found out he cheated on his wife with Stanyon. Lord and Stanyon later married. Stanyon grew used to "very scary and strange" after living with Lord. Stanyon divorced him for being cheated on. Ultimately, they were able to reconcile and became great friends. Stanyon portrayed Mrs. Wheeler, mother of Megan Wheeler, on "Hello, Megan!" Allegedly, Lord, also part of the cast, and Stanyon might have slept together one last time on the show's living room set. Stanyon thought Marie Logan, her fictional daughter on the show, was professional and a sweetheart. She thought the cast was a real family on the set and it was a safe space, warm and wonderful. In the present, Stanyon is regarded as one of the great stars of the silver screen.

Sandra Stanyon was devastated to hear about Marie Logan's passing. On August 8, 13:57 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Team Year Six, Sandra Stanyon took part in a moderated Q&A session at a classic movie festival in Hollywood. Tod Donner, the moderator, began with asking about her break out role in "The Silver Blade" with Jonathan Lord then opened the floor up to audience questions. An attendee immediately asked Stanyon about her divorce with Lord. Stanyon countered if she should have known better. Superboy entered the room and encouraged Miss Martian to ask Stanyon about "Hello, Megan!" and Marie Logan. Stanyon lit up and recalled Logan was a professional and a sweetheart then observed how much Miss Martian resembled Logan. Beast Boy spoke up and announced he was her son and Miss Martian was his sister, Megan. She was curious why he was painted green. After the panel, Stanyon sat with Miss Martian and Beast Boy and talked about Logan, working together as a family on the set, and hearing about her passing.

Psimon locked onto Miss Martian and influenced it so she as well as Beast Boy, Superboy, and Stanyon got trapped in her mind. Superboy and Beast Boy found themselves in an episode of "Hello, Megan!" with Sandra Stanyon, Marie Logan, and Paul Sloane. Stanyon was back in her role as Mrs. Wheeler and Megan Wheeler was unaware she was Miss Martian. Mrs. Wheeler asked for an introduction. Megan Wheeler didn't know who he was either and thought he was a new foreign exchange student. She knew something was wrong and asked what was the matter. Megan Wheeler denied it and asked who said anything about matter. Conner joked Albert Einstein. Megan Wheeler admitted she was worried Conner wouldn't like the song she was going to sing and wouldn't forgive her. Beast Boy knew forgiveness was the key to escaping Miss Martian's mind. Backstage at school, Conner was in costume and complimented Megan. Superboy tried to talk to her but Conner cut him off and told him to get his own Megan. Mrs. Wheeler walked her to the stage.

Beast Boy, still stuck as a frog, hopped onto Conner's palm then Mrs. Wheeler's shoulder while Superboy apologized. After Miss Martian restored everyone to normal, she apologized to Stanyon for the trouble. She was rather forgiving of the incident then thanked Superboy, too.