Paul Sloane

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Real Identity: Paul Sloane
Appearances (Episodes): Image
Appearances (Comics): Torch Songs: Part 1 and Torch Songs: Part 2
Powers/Skills: Acting
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Paul Sloane was born in 1959. He was an actor who portrayed the character Conner, love interest of the lead, on the short-lived television show "Hello, Megan!" Oddly, he bears a loose resemblance to Superboy. Sloane's character likely influenced Miss Martian's suggestion for Superboy's civilian name.

Trapped in an episode of "Hello, Megan!" in Miss Martian's mind thanks to Psimon's manipulations, Superboy and Beast Boy found themselves in the Wheeler home on August 8, Team Year Six. Sloane's character Conner arrived to take Megan Wheeler to the school show. Mrs. Wheeler knew something was wrong and asked what was the matter. Megan Wheeler denied it and asked who said anything about matter. Conner joked Albert Einstein. Megan Wheeler admitted she was worried Conner wouldn't like the song she was going to sing and wouldn't forgive her. Beast Boy became alarmed. Thanks to his encyclopedic memory of the series, he knew in the actual episode that she wasn't worried about being forgiven or not and surmised that was Miss Martian talking. Backstage at school, Conner was in costume and complimented Megan. Superboy tried to talk to her but Conner cut him off and told him to get his own Megan. As Megan sang, the somber and remorseful tone caught Conner offguard. He knew it was too heavy for his girlfriend and realized it wasn't. He implored Superboy to talk to her. Beast Boy, still stuck as a frog, hopped onto Conner's palm.