Queen Perdita

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Real Identity: Perdita Vladek
Affiliation(s): Vlatava
Appearances (Episodes): Coldhearted, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Nightmare Monkeys, Illusion of Control, Needful (voice only), Kaerb Ym Traeh!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Cherry Gig, Hot Mess: Memory One, Ominous Tidings, Sorry Excuse: Memory Two, Evocative Intel, Narrow Escapes: Memory Three, Foreign Affairs, Angry Wounds: Memory Four, Metallic Aftertaste, Intimate Connection: Memory Five, Last Rights, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: Ariel Winter (Season 1) and Hynden Walch

On September 28th, Team Year Zero, Princess Perdita Vladek became the reigning monarch of the European country of Vlatava at age 10 after her father, King Josef Vladek, was assassinated by Sportsmaster. Only she stood in the way of her uncle, Count Vertigo and his ascension to king. Due to a weak heart, she risked a flight to the United States to see a heart specialist. On September 29th, she landed in Star City and was escorted through the Star City International Airport when her personal bodyguard Denny Nielson was shot by Joe Henchy, an associate of Count Vertigo. Green Arrow came in through the glass ceiling and fired a trick arrow that created a smoke screen. He apologized for being late and told her to try and change clothes in a hybrid. She didn't understand. He told her to never mind and formally introduced himself and told her he came to help.

After disabling Joe Henchy's gun, Arrow grabbed Vladek and ran up the escalator with Johann Mintz and Piotor Platz in pursuit. He told her it was midnight and they had to go before they turned into pumpkins and got smashed. He left behind a trick arrow and shot out a zip line to the tarmac near Gate 16. They took cover behind a baggage car. He remarked the black knights almost got them. She informed him she was ten and did not require fairy tale metaphors. He apologized and admitted it was the first time he rescued royalty. She forgave him, calling him "Robin Hood," and told him about her situation. Arrow thought she was brave and there was nothing wrong with her heart from his point of view. Merlyn fired and pierced Arrow in the shoulder and leg with arrows. They hid behind a baggage car. Arrow broke and removed the arrows. Vladek ripped a piece of cloth from her dress to use as a bandage. He knew they had to make a run for it. He pressed the gas pedal with an arrow. Merlyn blew up the car with a flaming arrow.

Arrow and Vladek landed on a conveyor belt leading to baggage claim inside. Merlyn went to his comms and asked the development be reported to the client. Henchy attacked Arrow with a crescent wrench. Arrow blocked him and joked he thought he was after the girl. He hit Henchy's head with his bow. Henchy fell over the side. Arrow hit is head on the service chute entrance and briefly blacked out. As they came out into baggage claim, Merlyn was waiting with an arrow drawn. He asked what he should do with their bodies after he killed them both. Green Arrow challenged Merlyn to a one arrow duel. Vladek became alarmed when Merlyn mentioned he won the last 16 of their duels. Arrow assured her he had been practicing a lot. Arrow won and split Merlyn's arrow and bow string then rendered him unconscious with gas from the arrow he used. Vladek and Arrow exchanged a high five. Count Vertigo attacked them with vertigo waves and readied his blade prepared with a cover story he came to protect his niece but arrived too late.

Black Canary intervened and knocked him out with her Canary Cry. To her surprise, Green Arrow proposed to her. Vladek was elated and pleaded with Canary to say "yes" or she would. She stated every queen needs a consort. Arrow agreed. Canary accepted and they kissed. When Perdita was scheduled for a heart transplant at Seattle Medical Center months later in November, Count Vertigo schemed to manipulate her death as she waited for a donor heart to arrive. Kid Flash delivered the heart in time on the evening of November 11th and convinced her to spread false news of her death. As predicted, Count Vertigo gloated over his victory to Kid Flash and Perdita Vladek recorded the conversation from behind a curtain. She convicted Vertigo of high treason and revoked his diplomatic immunity. Vladek thanked Kid Flash and offered him Count Vertigo's sword as a reward. Instead, Kid Flash took the pack that carried her new heart.

On November 11th Team Year Four, Vladek called up Wally West in a panic. He calmed her down, telling her that while the date brought up old, sad memories, she survived. He told her she was the bravest person he knew but being brave didn't mean she was not allowed to be scared. He told her to call him whenever she got scared and promised to be by her side in no time. Perdita Vladek met Garfield Logan at Wally West's funeral in June Team Year Six. Logan told her it was okay to cry. She was felt awful because West was like a security blanket to her and he made her feel safe. Logan admitted no one could replace him but promised her she was not alone. They began dating after. Vladek being a queen and Logan being an actor was highly covered by the press and they were dubbed "Gardita." On July 30th, 19:23 EEST, Team Year Eight, Perdita Vladek was a guest at Gregor Markov's pre-coronation ceremony at the Markovian Royal Palace. She briefly spoke to Baron DeLamb.

On July 31st, 00:02 EEST, she and Markov were secured by DeLamb's security team on the claims that Markov's twin brother Brion Markov was behind the assassination of their parents. Superboy later evacuated Vladek when a fight broke out between Baron DeLamb and Brion Markov, both meta-activated. On October 15th, 18:39 PDT, Vladek made it through a trade conference she found tiring and returned to her room at the Luthor Grande Hotel in Beverly Hills where she met up with Garfield Logan. While she got ready for their date, he played with a Goode Goggles headset she was gifted. After the meta-human protocol activated, Logan was unresponsive. Vladek called 911 for paramedics and also contacted the Team. Miss Martian was able to help Logan out of his trance state. On November 22nd, Logan and Vladek arrived in Taos to attend the Harvest Festival at the Meta-Human Youth Center.

After everyone at the festival fell ill from nausea, Psimon and Devastation, in the guises of Count Vertigo and Henchy, kidnapped Vladek and took off in a mini-helicopter. Traci Thurston managed to use her bad luck to cut the fuel line. They landed in Taos Pueblo. At 17:31 MST, Perdita kicked "Vertigo" in the crotch when he was distracted. Once Psimon was revealed, she quickly punched him in the face. Logan and the Team arrived. They soon deduced Vladek was just being used as a distraction while Onslaught kidnapped the meta-humans at the festival. The Team returned and defeated them. Vladek reminded Logan they should leave because the Team was not known to the press. However, Logan had other ideas and founded a public team called the Outsiders. Vladek worried about him a lot and even made an alert on her smartphone to send notifications when the Outsiders were on a mission. By Team Year Ten, Logan and Vladek's relationship was in peril.

Prior to Conner Kent, M'gann M'orzz, and Garfield Logan going to M'arzz, Vladek left a voicemail on Logan's phone. She stated she missed him a lot and also needed him because she was having trouble with the refugee crisis caused by King Brion Markov adopting an open door policy to accepting meta-humans into Markovia. On April 19th, Vladek issued a statement to the press in response to King Markov's welcoming speech to all meta-humans seeking sanctuary. On May 14th, 19:48 PDT, Vladek paid Logan a surprise vist at the Hub and even brought his favorite food. However, Logan was listless and distant to even her. In Logan's bedroom, Vladek offered to help him deal with his accumulated grief. She was surprised he left Space Trek 3016 and was on leave from the Outsiders. She wondered if he took a break from her without her realizing it. She accidentally knocked over Logan's sleeping pills and realized the truth. She tried to convince him to get help but he was sure he didn't need it. Vladek issued him an ultimatum, get help or she wouldn't stick around to watch his self-destruction. He presented her the door.

On June 1st, she got a call from M'gann M'orzz and told her how worried she was about Logan. On September 16th, Vladek attended the wedding of Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz in Happy Harbor. Before the ceremony started, Vladek and Logan spoke in private. She was happy for him that he got help and was getting better. She told him she would always love him but she moved on and suggested he do, too. On November 6th, 06:26 PST, Vladek called up Green Arrow and asked him for his and Black Canary's help in three days when she would arrive in America. Vladek needed help with setting up a secret transfer of Vlatavan-discovered Kryptonite to Dr. Serling Roquette in S.T.A.R. Labs in Star City. On November 9th, 08:00 PST, Vladek's jet arrived at the Star City International Airport. She recalled she hated that airport. Vladek and her bodyguard Denny Nielson met up with their security detail, a team from Bowhunter Security consisting of Will Harper, Roy Harper, Jim Harper, and Harlan Matthews. She had several stops in the city, including a tour of S.T.A.R. Labs, an economic conference at 16:00, and an embassy dinner at 8 pm.

On the drive to S.T.A.R. Labs, Roy Harper made small talk with her and she replied it was very nice to be seen. She revealed S.T.A.R. Labs' board of directors were interested in opening a branch in Vlatavastok so she decided to tour the Star City facility while she was in town. They stepped in and met with Dr. Serling Roquette. They both agreed to call each other by their first names and shook hands. Roquette introduced Vladek to her "colleagues" Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen then they complimented each other's purses, both from Forever Sixteen. The tour was disrupted by several Lex-Bots. They kidnapped Vladek and flew off. On November 10th, the Infinitors followed up on a lead in the Markovian woods but were ambushed by Vladek's kidnappers. Geo-Force was nonchalant about it and told Trajectory to check every cabin and find Vladek. Fury slugged several and mentioned Everyman could use some help. Trajectory returned with Vladek who asked Geo-Force to take her back to the royal palace.

Geo-Force obliged her and left the Infinitors to close out the fight. He assured her she was safe but didn't notice her oddly evil grin. At the palace, she called the Hub and informed Wonder Girl she was fine but tired then promised to call again tomorrow. Beast Boy was skeptical and thought something was up because she didn't even ask how Nielson, Roquette, Lance, and Queen were doing. At 07:56 EET, Geo-Force escorted Vladek to a room made up for her to rest in until her people came. He assigned Infinity Cadets Jet and Lizard Johnny to stand guard outside her room. Vladek looked around and commented that was how the other half lived. Some time later, Geo-Force returned with the rest of the Infinitors to ask Vladek some questions. Geo-Force discovered the room was empty and ordered everyone to search the palace and the grounds immediately. On November 11th, 15:05 EST, Tod Donner reported Queen Vladek was still missing with no word from her abductors as to her condition.

The conclusion was drawn by Nightwing, Oracle, Robin, and Cyborg that the real Vladek was being held prisoner by Lex Luthor in his Lexcorp Robotics factory in Madinat Altharwati in Greater Bialya. At 22:42 UTC+2, Vladek walked around in pitch darkness and tried to call out to someone in vain for answers. In reality, she was in the thrall of Psimon. Miss Martian located the room Vladek and Psimon were in. Alpha Squad boomed into the room shortly after. Psimon warned he already booby-trapped Vladek's mind and if anyone attempted to enter her mind, her psyche would self-destruct. Miss Martian believed if she had enough time, she could undo whatever he may have done to her. At 22:48 UTC+2, Vladek regained consciousness in the room and was horrified to see Miss Martian, Tigress, and Arrowette dead. Queen Bee informed Vladek her thralls simply dispatched a few unwanted intruders. Vladek turned to Count Vertigo and blamed him. Vertigo could not take credit but heartily approved of Lex Luthor's genius plan. She wanted to know what he would get out of it.

Vertigo hinted he would use the chaos of the Markovian Border Crisis to start a nationalistic uprising and act as its demagogue. He mused everyone loved a comeback story and that comeback would start with her assassination by a rogue metahuman. Queen Bee asked Halo to kill Vladek. Halo instead blasted Bee, Vertigo, and Psimon, rendering them unconscious. Tigress, Miss Martian, and Arrowette stood up unharmed. They revealed it was all a ruse with Red Arrow, Halo, and Arsenal and they previously planned how to counteract Bee's meta-ability. Miss Martian ordered Arrow, Halo, Arsenal, and Arrowette to take Vladek to Baby. Halo opened a Boom Tube directly to her. Vladek was worried about Miss Martian and Tigress but Arrow reckoned he would worry more about anyone who tried to get in their way. At 22:58 UTC+2, Vladek wondered if her life was going to be one crisis after another and she would be the damsel always requiring rescue. Beast Boy assured her she was really on a covert mission to get Kryptonite into safe hands. He added he had it on good authority that this would be the last time she would be threatened by Luthor and his ilk. He stated she was safe now. Baby departed Bialya.

Miss Martian checked out Vladek's mind and verified Psimon left no surprises behind. On November 12, 12:00 EST, a group from the Justice League confronted Lex Luthor in his office at Lexcorp in Metropolis. Aquaman stated to him that Perdita Vladek was family and she was now off-limits to his and the Light's machinations. At 09:05 PST, Vladek was present at Royal Memorial Hospital in Star City when Dr. Roquette, Denny Nielson, Oliver Queen, and Dinah Lance regained consciousness. Nielson was immediately concerned for the Queen. She told him she was fine and was glad he was all right. She then thanked everyone in the room. Garfield Logan told her while they may not be a couple anymore, they would always be family.