Queen Mera

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Real Identity: Queen Mera
Affiliation(s): Conservatory of Sorcery
Appearances: Downtime
Appearances (Comics): What's The Story?, Under The Surface..., and ...Here There Be Monsters
Powers/Skills: Underwater Survival and Magic
Voiced By: Kath Soucie

Queen Mera is the wife of King Orin, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. Due to her extensive knowledge of magic, Mera also serves as head mistress at the Conservatory of Sorcery. In addition to Kaldur'ahm, Queen Mera is another Atlantean with mystical skin icons. On August 27th, Team Year Zero, she and Orin told their closest friends and family they were with child. Despite this, the 27 year old Mera still took part in defending Poseidonis from Black Manta's forces. On September 6th, she met Miss Martian and Superboy. Later that night, at 23:45 EDT, Mera was cornered by the Purists and Ocean Master in her bed chamber. Five minutes later, she was kidnapped and taken to S'atiroman Cave. From there, Ocean-Master drained her life force using Neptune's Trident. Mera tried to plead with him to stop over concern for her child. Ocean-Master planned on killing Mera and her unborn child as part of his plan to take over Atlantis. However, Garth's assault helped Mera regain her powers.

On December 31st, Mera helped the Team to create an effective cure and vaccine against Starrotech. On February 1st, Team Year One, Mera gave birth to a son. Orin and Mera named him Artur.