President Sumaan Harjavti

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Real Identity: President Sumaan Harjavti
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sumaan Harjavti is the twin brother of Rumaan Harjavti. On December 1st Team Year Zero, the Harjavti family appeared in public and were attacked by Deadshot. Acting according to Queen Bee's plans, Sumaan Harjavti dove in front of his brother and took a bullet for him. As a result, Sumaan became a hero to the people.

As of Team Year Five, Summan was the current President of Qurac after Rumaan was assassinated. Harjavti's niece Noor spoke out against him on the grounds he ran a Bialyan puppet regime under the auspices of Queen Bee. She was correct as Sumaan was under the thrall of Queen Bee.