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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Agendas, and Auld Acquaintance
Appearances (Comics): Face Your Fears (Memory) and Fears
Powers/Skills: Bioengineering and Cloning
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Project Cadmus is a scientific research center based in Washington D.C. that specializes in advanced genetic engineering and human cloning and is named after Cadmus of Greek Mythology, who created new creatures by sewing dragon's teeth into the earth. Project Cadmus was founded by Lex Luthor as a way to create a match for Superman. It was later set up as a public front by a secret society called the Light to create living weapons, thus making it the most secure facility in D.C., allegedly. Dr. Mark Desmond was the first known chief scientist and the Guardian was chief of security. Batman had long suspected Project Cadmus but lacked a reason to instigate an investigation. On July 4th, an explosion and fire at their two-story headquarters provided a reason but the Justice League was called away to help Zatara fight Wotan. This explosion was secretly caused by Dubbilex, a creation of Cadmus, to lure the heroes there in the first place.

Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash snuck into Project Cadmus without permission and discovered a high speed express elevator with a 182 story capacity. Robin hacked Cadmus' security cameras and motion sensors first and foremost. Upon investigating further, the real Cadmus had 52 Sub Levels directly underground and was engaged in creating a bioengineered army, a clone of Superman as part of Project Kr, and Project Blockbuster, human augmentation.

The Sub-Levels are not on a conventional power grid and instead draw on power emmited by one of their creations, the Genomorph 0424's. The heroes then discovered Project Kr on Sub Level 52 and decided contact the League for help. However, they were too deep underground to send a signal and they freed Superboy, the clone, anyway. Superboy eventually helped the trio and proceeded upstairs. During a battle with Dr. Desmond, transformed by Project Blockbuster's serum, they collapsed the two-story building. The Justice League arrived and took Desmond into custody. Batman initiated a full investigation. Meanwhile, Guardian was placed in charge of the facility and Dr. Spence was promoted to acting chief scientist.

The Justice League forced the liberation of the Genomorphs and they were incorporated into Cadmus' workforce. However, Cadmus began to suffer from a growing problem of missing Genomorphs. By November 25th, Lex Luthor became the new Chairman of the Board. Luthor informed Superboy of the existence of another Super-Clone. Superboy found him in Sub Level 52 and freed him from his pod. A fight followed which Superboy lost. He communicated with Dubbilex and was led to Genomorph City. Superboy defeated Match and he was taken back by Cadmus to his pod and returned to suspended animation. On January 1st, Team Year One, Project Cadmus was visited by the Light. They took everything they still needed, including Match and Roy Harper. On March 8th, 18:46 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year One, the Guardian and Red Arrow concluded another sweep of all 52 sub-levels, what remained of Genomorph City, and the secret freezer where Match was found. Even with the latest Wayne Ecogram unit, they found no sign of Speedy.

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