President Rumaan Harjavti

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Real Identity: President Rumaan Harjavti
Appearances: Image
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: Bruce Greenwood

President Harjavti is the democratically elected president of Qurac. The people believe him to be a fair and wise leader. In addition, Harjavti is a humanitarian and friends with Bruce Wayne. However, he was controlled by Psimon and made to declare an alliance with Bialya then announce a reunification of the two countries. On November 23rd, the Team infiltrated the Democratic Palace and found Harjavti in his office. However, they were surrounded by Bialyan soldiers armed with Apokoliptian Weaponry. The Team dispatched them and Harjavti was reunited with his daughter, Noor. In order to save the country, Miss Martian posed as Queen Bee. Harjavti then denounced Queen Bee from the palace balcony and had her escorted off the palace grounds. Bruce Wayne and the Wayne Foundation made a visit shortly after and promised their support in helping Harjavti rebuild Qurac.

On December 1st, Harjavti faced impeachment. He attributed the turn of events to political enemies in the pocket of Queen Bee. At 21:12 UTC+2, Harjavti appeared at a public event with his daughter and brother Sumaan. He was targeted by Deadshot. Superman appeared and tried to take the shot but the explosive headed towards Miss Martian. While the two were distracted, Deadshot took aimed for Harjavti once more. Sumaan Harjavti took the shot and saved his brother. However, Rumaan Harjavti was assassinated and Sumaan succeeded him.