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Real Identity: Otis
Affiliation(s): LexCorp
Appearances: Satisfaction
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Security
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Otis was born in 1980. He is the commanding officer of LexCorp's security team. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Otis informed Lex Luthor that Match was freed from his containment pod when the alien spherical field cut through it. On March 21st, Team Year Six, Otis followed orders to converge on the roof of a building opposite corporate headquarters to capture a would-be assassin. Soon after, Otis and the team surrounded Speedy before he could murder Lex Luthor. However, he stood down and Speedy left unharmed. On November 12, 12:00 EST, Team Year Ten, Lex Luthor told Otis and Mercy about Miss Martian sparing Metallo's life but he suddenly vanished from their sight. They searched for him in the office, unaware he was still present but in a force-bubble concealed by Zatanna's glamour spell. Once the Justice League was done with Luthor, he returned to his previous place. Otis tried to get his attention in vain.