Angel O'Day

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Real Identity: Angel O'Day
Appearances (Episodes): Influence
Appearances (Comics): Sorry Excuse: Memory Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Danica McKellar

On the night of September 29th, Team Year Ten, Theo, Angel, and Athena O'Day waited inside Star City International Airport for a glimpse of the royal arrival of Princess Perdita Vladak. They were forced to take cover when Joe Henchy, Piotor Platz, and Johann Mintz shot at Vladek. Theo O'Day leapt to his daughters just as a nearby TSA agent was shot. On November 5th, 17:11 PST, Team Year Eight, Angel O'Day was mugged in Los Angeles. Garfield Logan happened to be at Cafe Coffee and Tea nearby. He turned into his gorilla form, caught the mugger, and returned her purse. O'Day, thanked him and snapped a selfie with him. She posted it to her 1K Wordsworth account and it went viral. By November 7th, it had 16 million likes. By November 17th, it had 52 million likes. It in part convinced Logan to form a new public team with young heroes.