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Real Identity: Nabu
Affiliation(s): Lords of Order
Appearance(s): Denial, Revelation, and Misplaced
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Nabu is a Lord of Order, a powerful being dedicated to keeping balance and order in the universe through the use of magic. However, Nabu required a human host in order to be able to interact on the physical plane of existence. Nabu bound himself to the Helmet of Fate. Whenever a host put on the Helmet, Nabu would take over his body and change into the superhero Dr. Fate. The host's soul would remain in the helmet as a powerless witness but able to communicate with Nabu. In 1940, Kent Nelson became host to Nabu and joined the Justice Society of America as Dr. Fate.

However, after Nelson retired, the Helmet and Nabu were hidden away in the Tower of Fate. Nabu was not pleased. 65 years later, Wally West was forced to don the Helmet to stop Klarion the Witch Boy. Nabu then refused to release control of West but agreed to Kent Nelson's bargain. Nelson agreed to stay in the Helmet with Nabu for the release of West and later Aqualad. However, he recognized Zatanna's natural affinity for magic and refused to let her go. Zatara offered himself as the host for Dr. Fate and the exchange was made.