Madame Xanadu

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Real Identity: Nimue Inwudu
Appearance(s): Denial
Powers/Skills: Mediumship
Voiced By: Cree Summer

Xanadu was born in 1991. Taking the name of Kublai Khan's court, Madame Xanadu opened a fortune telling parlor in New Orleans, Louisiana. The front entrance is adorned with a message, "Enter freely-unafraid." However, she is not considered a true believer despite having an aura attuned to the occult. On July 27th, 21:57 Central Daylight Time (CDT), Xanadu performed a reading for her latest client, Kent Nelson. However, he quickly revealed her wind machine and tire jack. Outraged, she ended the session only to be terrified when Abra Kadabra appeared and teleported away with Nelson.