Tye Longshadow

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Real Identity: Tye Longshadow
Affiliation(s): Rio Grande High School
Appearances (Episodes): Beneath, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, Runaways, The Hunt, Endgame, and Rescue and Search
Appearances (Comics): Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Astral Form Generation
Voiced By: Gregg Rainwater

Tye Longshadow is the son of Shelly Longshadow and comes from a long line of Mescalero Apache chiefs. However, he was at odds with his mother's boyfriend Maurice Bodaway. After another heated argument, Longshadow decided to run away from home in El Paso to Houston. On February 18th, 23:56 Mountain Standard Time (MST), Longshadow called up his friend Jaime Reyes and told him the news. Before Reyes arrived, Longshadow was kidnapped near a statue of Cochise at a bus depot. While Reyes searched for him in El Paso, Longshadow was placed in a stasis pod as part of a second collection of teenage runaways and strays scheduled to be delivered from Bialya to the Light's new partner. Longshadow was among the teenagers rescued by the Team on March 31st. On April 1st, 17:23 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), in Taos, Longshadow finished speaking to Black Canary about his imprisonment.

After several weeks of testing, Longshadow was unable to control his powers nor consciously activate it. He would unknowingly go into a dream-like state and his astral form would act out. Any damage the astral form took, Longshadow would feel a percentage of it upon dissipation. On May 13th, Longshadow was admittingly tired of all the testing but wasn't exactly interested in returning home. While on the run, Longshadow complied with a plan to go to Dakota City with Virgil Hawkins. He took a nap just as men from S.T.A.R. Labs closed in on them. Longshadow did not wake up and the largest astral form ever was created. The astral form attacked Blue Beetle then grabbed the others and ran for it. Longshadow eventually awoke, annoyed he had used his powers again without knowing it. He was further surprised to learn his best friend, Jaime Reyes, was Blue Beetle. During the battle against Red Volcano, Longshadow elected to stay outside and figure out how to pull Blue Beetle from his earthly prison.

Longshadow used his grandfather's teachings and focused. He generated an astral form and freed Blue Beetle. The form then reached into the S.T.A.R. Labs building, grabbed Red Volcano, and flung him into the air. Blue Beetle then blasted it into the pavement. Red Volcano stabbed the astral form with sharpened pavement. Virgil Hawkins grabbed Longshadow before he fell to his certain death. Longshadow and the others evacuated the crippled buildings. The four sneaked away and encountered Lex Luthor. By May 29th, Longshadow was in better control of his powers and could activate them while awake. He wanted nothing more than a shot at the Scarab controlling Jaime Reyes. On June 20th, Longshadow was assigned the A-20 designation and to Omicron Squad with the Atom to take out a Magnetic Field Disrupter. He attended Wally West's funeral. After the world was saved, Longshadow retired from heroics and moved back in with his mother. Asami Koizumi stayed with them. She and Longshadow kinda had a thing.

In late August Team Year Ten, Tye Longshadow was one of the candidates considered for nomination to the Justice League reserve system. On September 4, 20:09 MDT, Team Year Ten, Tye, Shelly, and Holling Longshadow, Asami Koizumi, Jaime Reyes, and Traci Thurston went to Haly's Circus' show in El Paso. They watched Daring Dan Danger's acrobatic act and cheered.