Marie Logan

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Real Identity: Marie Logan
Appearances: Image
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, and Torch Songs: Part 2
Powers/Skills: Acting and Medicine
Voiced By: Danica McKellar

Marie Logan is a former child actor who starred as Megan Wheeler on the one season television series, "Hello, Megan!" While it was fun, Logan treated it as a job and nothing more. After the show ended, she went onto become a veterinary physician and founded the Logan Animal Sanctuary near the Qurac-Bialya border. Logan also had a son she named Garfield. Years later, Miss Martian chose to base her human form on Marie Logan when she played Megan Wheeler.

On November 22nd, the Team intervened and saved the Logan's from a Wildebeest stampede. Without any blood for a transfusion, she pleaded with Miss Martian to try and match her blood with Garfield's. After some observation, Marie announced it was a success. After learning of Miss Martian's homage, Marie admitted she was honored and declared Miss Martian would always be considered family. On December 1st, Clark Kent interviewed Logan for a piece on the animal sanctuary. On January 16th, 16:16 UTC+2, Team Year One, Queen Bee used her power to enthrall Logan and ordered her to drive off a cliff in Qurac to her death.