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Real Identity: L-Ron
Appearances: Cornered
Powers/Skills: Levitation, Computer Interface, and Self-Detonation
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

L-Ron is a robot who serves as majordomo to Despero and often acts on his behalf. On April 1st, 00:16 UTC, L-Ron regretfully informed Despero that Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Mahunter, and Icon were on Rimbor under the protectionism of the Green Lanterns instead of on Earth. L-Ron quickly added Earth was a ripe breeding ground for champions. He implored Despero to take what Earth had to offer. At 21:24 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), L-Ron appeared outside the Hall of Justice and issued a salutation. Zatanna and Captain Marvel ran out and encountered the robot. L-Ron raised a shield around the Hall and teleported Despero down from his vessel. L-Ron alerted Despero Zatanna was a magic user and he used his telepathy to neutralize her. They proceeded to fight hand to hand with everyone inside the Hall. L-Ron became annoyed when Superboy, Miss Martian, Bumblebee, and Captain Marvel interfered in single combat. Once Zatanna possessed Mal Duncan's body and neutralized Despero, L-Ron was infuriated and activated several weapons systems. Billy Batson jumped atop him and summoned Shazam's lightning. However, L-Ron's head detonated and destroyed the Hall.