Lizard Johnny

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Infinity Cadets
Appearances (Episodes): Early Warning and Ego and Superego
Appearances (Comics): Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Reptilian Attributes
Voiced By: Yuri Lowenthal

Lizard Johnny was a meta-activated teenager held captive in Santiago de Cuba by Klarion and Teekl. As part of Project Rutabaga, Klarion used magic to combine Johnny and the other meta-teens into a giant flesh monster on December 21st, Team Year Eight. The Outsiders took on Klarion and the monster but Zatanna's stealth intervention restored the meta-teens to normal and dispatched Klarion and Teekl to the Tower of Fate. Lizard Johnny was among the meta-teens cheering for the Outsiders after the Cuban military arrived less than pleased with what they thought was an incursion by the Justice League. Johnny decided to go with them to Taos to live at the Meta-Human Youth Center. He later decided to relocate to Markovia. On September 9th, 21:21 EEST, Team Year Ten, a group of anti-meta Markovians went on a vehicular pursuit of Lizard Johnny in Markovburg. As a defense mechanism, Johnny spit blood and neutralized one of them but he was outnumbered. Geo-Force formed a circle of magma around Johnny and advised them not to kill Johnny as they planned.

Geo-Force later addressed the press and stated Markovia was still welcoming meta-humans and promised they had a home there and would be protected by the Infinitors. On September 10th, 02:48 EEST, the Infinitors returned to the royal palace with Lizard Johnny. King Markov remembered him from the Outsiders mission in Cuba and recalled his name was Johnny. He clarified it was Lizard Johnny. Markov was pleased he was owning it and was honored he chose to live in Markovia. He promised he wouldn't anyone hurt him. Johnny asked if he meant he'll do them like he did his uncle. He quickly apologized and stated he just wanted to be left alone. Markov told him he understood and Markovia would be whatever kind of home he needed it to be. Baazovi took Lizard Johnny aside and asked him how he was doing, asserting he must be angry and compared it to when King Brion had to do what he had to in order to defend himself and others from Baron Bedlam. Johnny, influenced by Baazovi's ability, started to agree. Johnny went to the Markov Family Meta-Human Youth Center and was enamored with the Infinitor recruitment video being played.

King Brion and Fury found him and he talked about becoming an Infinity Cadet then a full fledged Infinitor. Markov recalled he previously just wanted to be left alone and noted Johnny used to live at the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos and could have joined the Team or Outsiders if he wanted to become a hero. He did not like the looks of things. On November 10th, 07:56 EET, King Brion walked Queen Perdita to her temporary quarters where she could rest until her people arrived for her. He assigned Infinity Cadets Jet and Lizard Johnny to guard her door. King Brion later returned with the other Infinitors to ask Queen Perdita some questions. Lizard Johnny reported it was quiet and presumed Queen Perdita was asleep. King Brion went inside and found the room was empty. He ordered the palace and grounds to be searched immediately.