Jonathan Lord

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Real Identity: Jonathan Lord
Appearances (Episodes): Image
Appearances (Comics): Torch Songs: Part 1
Powers/Skills: Acting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jonathan Lord is an actor who starred opposite Sandra Stanyon at the age of 20 in the 1940 movie, "The Silver Blade." For the movie, Lord designed the makeup for his cursed gargoyle character and did his own stunts. Stanyon found him talented and handsome then fell in love with him. They also co-starred on "Undercover Agent" and "Dial "D" For Dead." Lord's first marriage ended after it was found out he cheated on his wife with Stanyon. Lord and Stanyon later married. After some time, Stanyon got used to a life of "very scary and strange" with Lord. Stanyon divorced him for being cheated on. Ultimately, they were able to reconcile and became great friends. Lord portrayed Mr. Wheeler, father of Megan Wheeler, on the short-lived television show, "Hello, Megan!" Allegedly, Lord and Stanyon, also part of the cast, might have slept together one last time on the show's living room set.