Anton Kraft

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Real Identity: Anton Kraft
Affiliations: Royal Memorial Hospital
Appearances (Comics): Evocative Intel
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Medicine
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On November 10, 07:54 EET, Team Year Ten, a squad from the Team posed as part of a United Nations commission to infiltrate a Royal Memorial Hospital in Vlatavastok. Dick Grayson told the presiding physician Anton Kraft they were authorized by Secretary-General Troia. Kraft noted he looked too young to be a doctor. Grayson lied he was working toward his doctorate and the three young ladies with him earned their internships. He asked how long the five patients were in a coma. Kraft estimated they were in a coma for nearly two years and they believed it was the result of a toxin. Grayson told him there might be an antidote and promised to get back to him.