Jack Haly

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Real Identity: Jack Haly
Affiliation(s): Haly's Circus
Appearances (Comics): Fears
Appearances: Performance
Powers/Skills: Showmanship and Business
Voiced By: Stephen Root

Jack Haly was born in 1944. He is the owner and ringmaster of Haly's Circus, a master showman to some. Haly operated a honest business and was the closest thing to a grandfather that Dick Grayson ever had. When Haly refused to pay Boss Zucco protection money, Zucco had the final act of the Flying Graysons sabotaged. Everyone was horrified and Haly shed tears for his slain family.

Over four years later, while on a foreign tour, Haly came under suspicion by Interpol agent King Faraday for knowing or being part of a series of European tech thefts that coincided with stops on Haly's' tour. If Haly was convicted of the crimes, he would surely lose the circus. Robin led the Team on an unofficial mission to clear his name and infiltrated the circus as the Daring Danger Family trapeze act. When the real culprit, Parasite, stole the abilities of Miss Martian he took on Haly's form and tied the real Haly up in his office while the circus was on route to Geneva. Once Parasite was apprehended by Interpol, Haly was cleared of any wrongdoing. He asked Dan Danger for his troupe to perform one last time. He already deduced Danger was Dick Grayson, seeing the signature skills of a Flying Grayson prior.