Greta Hayes

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Real Identity: Greta Hayes
Appearances: Secrets
Powers/Skills: Intangibility and Mental Projection
Voiced By: Masasa Moyo

Greta Hayes was an ordinary girl living in Manhattan with her older brother, William Hayes. She was the only person he ever loved. But in his bid for power, he needed purity of heart and murdered her with a dagger. Now known as Harm, he buried Greta in the backyard which he dubbed holy ground. The last thing Greta saw was the word "Secret" in the faulty shop sign for Abel's House of Secrets.

Somehow, Greta Hayes manifested as a ghost. Able to only speak the word "Secret," she managed to lead Artemis and Zatanna to her home. In another twist, she managed to help free Zatanna. Then, Zatanna and Artemis stumbled upon her grave. Greta Hayes appeared once more and took away Harm's purity by reaching into his chest. Rendered powerless, Harm was easily subdued by Artemis and Zatanna. They promised Greta a proper burial before she vanished.