G. Gordon Godfrey

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Real Identity: G. Gordon Godfrey
Affiliation(s): Apokolips and GBS News
Appearances: Happy New Year, Alienated, Depths, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, The Hunt, and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Tim Curry

G. Gordon Godfrey is an agent of Apokolips who went to Earth to aid his master Darkseid and the Light's agenda. He got a job as a commentator for GBS News. On January 3rd, he repeatedly aired security footage of Lobo and a Krolotean and shifted his rant to the subject of aliens and what secrets the Justice League were keeping from the public. On January 5th, 17:10 EST, Godfrey commented on scanners provided by the Justice League to governments across the planet in order to aid in routing out Kroloteans. On March 19th, 21:00 EDT, Godfrey appeared at Cape Canaveral and challenged the legtimacy of the rocket in face of the alien infiltration of Earth but soon set his sights on Martian Manhunter, who promptly flew away. On March 31st, 06:41 EDT, Godfrey covered the public appearance of the Reach at the United Nations Headquarters. He surprisingly applauded their method of introduction.

On April 1st, 19:21 EDT, Godfrey slammed Captain Atom's decision to move his meeting with the Reach Ambassador and Secretary-General Tseng to private quarters. On April 2nd, he furthered his tirade about the Justice League's supposed secret agenda when the existence of the Watchtower was "accidentally" leaked by the Reach Ambassador. On April 8th, Godfrey mentioned LexCorp Farms opening itself up for public tours and commended Lex Luthor and the Reach for teaming up to end world hunger. Godfrey appeared in a commercial for the Reach soft drink produced by LexCorp Farms. On May 29th, 23:16 EDT, Godfrey introduced the Reach Ambassador on his show and immediately questioned him about his lies, propaganda, and the hidden Reach fleet. On July 4th, Godfrey reveled in Tseng's resignation from the United Nations after he outed the Secretary-General for his disasterous colloboration with the Reach. Godfrey named his favorite to succeed Tseng, Lex Luthor. On July 5th, 00:16 UTC, Godfrey was in Darkseid's presence when Vandal Savage arrived with the Warworld.