General Trang

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Real Identity: General Duk Trang
Affiliation(s): North Vietnamese Army
Appearances (Comics): Cold Case and Hot Case
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Duk Trang was born in 1940. Rising to the rank of General, Trang was a military officer from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). In 1968, he posed for a photograph with several U.S. personnel with whom he served as an official contact for. Trang was part of Wade Eiling's secret weapons smuggling ring. A co-conspirator, General Lemar, secretly ordered Trang to ambush a squad that included Captain Adams and Lieutenant Yarrow. Utilizing money and connections, Trang somehow relocated to the States and settled in Annapolis, Maryland.

Over the years, Trang protected a child named Rako and trained him as his protege. Rako later turned on him and began to murder people connected to the Captain Adams court martial. On August 14th, at 00:32 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Trang was paid a visit from Rako. He was not surprised as he still had his sources. The Team regrouped outside his modest mansion and began to suspect Trang was part of a weapons smuggling ring that Adams was investigating in the Vietnam Era. Just as Rako raised his sword to Trang, Miss Martian intervened then Superboy. While Rako was distracted, Trang attempted to escape via secret passage. However, Rako murdered him then fled the scene.