General Eiling

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Real Identity: General Wade Eiling
Affiliation(s): United States Air Force
Appearances: Failsafe and Cornered
Appearances (Comics): Cold Case and Hot Case
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

In 1968, United States Air Force Colonel Wade Eiling served as the judge at Captain Nathaniel Adams' court martial. Eiling concluded Adams was a classic malcontent and the case was open and shut. He found Adams guilty and sentenced him to life in prison. Eiling later married Adams' widow and raised their children as his own. In the present, Wade Eiling is now a general. On August 13th, at 23:03 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Eiling was visited by a captain from the Judge Advocate General's office, who was assigned to reopening the Adams case, at his office in the Pentagon. The captain was actually Miss Martian in disguise. At her request, Eiling recalled what he could about it. On August 14th, 09:16 Hawaiian Standard Time (HST), General Eiling brought Captain Adams to his two children after his name was cleared. On August 15th, 00:00 EDT, Eiling was in his office when Alec Rois arrived. Eiling was satisfied that Henry Yarrow took the fall for the Vietnam era weapons smuggling ring he secretly led and no one suspected he was the one who took the photograph of everyone involved in it. It was boon that he now had Captain Atom on his side.

During a training exercise in an artificial reality on October 16th, the Team encountered a military defense led by Eiling in front of the White House. John Jones was acquainted with him thus his use in the simulation. Eiling was adamant on protecting the Team as he viewed them as assets against the alien invasion. At the Hall of Justice siege, Eiling was hit by alien fire. On April 1st, Team Year Six, Eiling led a several tanks to try and help take down the shield formed around the Hall of Justice by L-Ron. On April 2nd, Eiling was among the first to discover the existence of the Watchtower when the Reach Ambassador blurted it out.