Cat Grant

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Real Identity: Catherine "Cat" Jane Grant
Affiliation(s): GBS News and Catco
Appearances (Comics): By Hook or By Web and Ominous Tidings
Appearances (Episodes): Targets, Terrors, Revelation, Failsafe, Misplaced, Usual Suspects, Happy New Year, Depths, War, Intervention, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Home Fires, and Unknown Factors
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Masasa Moyo

Cat Grant is a reporter for Galaxy Broadcasting System (GBS) News. Grant reported on the disappearance of Selena Gonzalez following an incident at Farano Enterprises corporate headquarters on July 9th and later that year, covering the Rhelasian peace summit in Taipei, live. On September 7th, Grant was at the summit when Red Arrow prevented Cheshire from assassinating Lex Luthor. Grant's report was utilized by Lucas Carr to teach a lesson on Rhelasia.

On September 14th, Grant was in New Orleans, Louisiana covering a battle involving Superman, Martian Manhunter, and the Terror Twins. Soon after, Grant was in Chicago reporting on a battle between Martian Manhunter and Headmaster. On October 1st, around 18:13 EDT, Cat Grant was in Metropolis reporting on Plant Creatures attacking and the intervention of Superman and several members of the Justice League. On November 5th, Grant reported on Captain Marvel's victory over Ibac and Sabbac in Fawcett City. On December 30th, Grant reported live at the induction of five new members into the Justice League outside the Hall of Justice.

Over five years later, on January 3rd, at 17:06 EST, Grant attempted to get a comment from Zatanna and Rocket on leaked security footage involving Lobo and a Krolotean. She was swiftly blocked by Catherine Cobert, the Justice League's public liaison. On March 19th, 21:00 EDT, Grant was present at a Cape Canaveral press conference. Before she could ask a question, Grant was interrupted by G. Gordon Godfrey. On May 24th, 21:39 EDT, live from New York City, Grant reported on the Warworld's gravitational impact on Earth. On May 26th, 07:35 EDT, Grant reported on the mobilization of military air defenses against the Warworld and forwarded a message from Homeland Security asking all civilians to remain indoors.

On May 30th, 06:21 EDT, Grant reported from GBS Headquarters in New York about Blue Beetle receiving the International Medal of Valor. On June 13th, 20:30 EDT, Grant spoke with Blue Beetle after he defeated Toyman in Metropolis. She inquired about being under closer scrutiny after the Reach's public credibility went down. On June 19th, 05:27 EDT, Cat Grant reported live from New York City about an emergency session at the United Nations Headquarters initiated by new evidence against the Reach introduced by Captain Atom. On July 4th, 21:15 EDT, Grant reported live from the United Nations Headquarters during a special Independence Day celebration.

On July 28th, 08:59 EEST, Team Year Eight, Grant was one of the reporters attending a press conference held by King Viktor Markov and Queen Ilona DeLamb-Markov at the Markovian Royal Palace in Markovburg to mark the second anniversary of their daughter Tara Markov's kidnapping in relation to meta-human trafficking. Grant added no ransom demand was ever made and she vanished without a trace then shifted to an interview with one of the princes, Brion Markov and started by noting he just returned to Markovia from studying abroad the past two years. He admitted he felt the need to get away and expand his knowledge of the world then bring it back to serve Markovia. She noticed he said "serve" rather than "rule" and brought up his twin brother. He clarified they were fraternal twins. She pointed out his twin Gregor Markov was heir to the throne because he was born 16 minutes earlier than him. She asked what it felt like to be 16 minutes away from the crown. The interview was put on pause when Baron DeLamb presided over the press conference to comment on the Quarci refugees in the country after Bialya invaded Qurac.

On July 30th, 14:21 EDT, Grant reported live from the United Nations Headquarters in New York about the Meta-Human Summit. She turned it over to live footage of Catherine Cobert finishing her address to the General Assembly. On September 29th, 08:59 MDT, Grant reported from Taos where the Justice League held a press conference at S.T.A.R. Labs for the grand opening of the Meta-Human Youth Center. Iris West-Allen was annoyed Cat Grant got to cover the event as usual just because she had a set of twins. On January 20th, 20:25 PST, Team Year Nine, Grant reported from the red carpet premiere of "The Great Khan" at the Babylonian Theater. She interviewed Gretchen Goode. Goode implored her to call her "Granny" like everyone else does. As of September 14th, Team Year Ten, Grant headlined her own news series titled "Catco" with a catchphrase of "Bringing You The World." On November 9th, 6:01 PM PST, Grant reported live from Hollywood with confirmation Perdita Vladek was kidnapped in Star City at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility while supposedly under the "watchful" eye of Bowhunter Security bodyguards. She also reported Dr. Roquette, two unidentified members of her staff, and Vladek's personal bodyguard were also victims in the attack and left in a coma.