Flying Graysons

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Real Identity: John, Mary, Dick, Richard, Karla, and John Grayson
Affiliation(s): Haly's Circus
Appearances (Comics): Face Your Fears (Memory) and Fears
Powers/Skills: Above Average Acrobatics
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Flying Graysons were once the star attraction of Haly's Cirus. John, Mary, their son Richard (nicknamed Dick), Dick's Uncle Richard (nicknamed Rick), and Aunt Karla, and Dick's cousin John performed death defying acrobatic stunts during their high flying trapeze act. The signature move of the Graysons was in the finale, the one that made them famous. It was performing without the safety net. Due to the danger of the act and his age, Dick Grayson was restricted from joining in it. During a performance in Gotham City, the high wire snapped due to being sabotaged by a crime boss named Zucco. As a result, the Graysons fell to their deaths. Dick's Uncle Rick survived but was paralyzed for the rest of his life. Dick Grayson was adopted by Bruce Wayne as his ward.