Randy Eiling

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Real Identity: Captain Randall "Randy" Eiling
Affiliation(s): United States Air Force
Appearances (Comics): Cold Case and Hot Case
Powers/Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Randy Eiling is the first child and son of Nathaniel and Angela Adams. However, his father was framed for murder and sentenced to life in prison when he was just a child. He bonded with his new step-father Wade Eiling, more than his sister, Peggy, and considered Eiling his father. Randy Eiling later pursued a career in the military just like two fathers. However, he believed his birth father was guilty of murder and preferred to not talk about him. To him, Adams gave up his parental rights the day he betrayed his country. In the present, on August 13th, at 19:06 Hawaiian Standard Time (HST), Peggy and Randy Eiling agreed to meet with Kaldur'ahm and Artemis Crock to talk about their birth father. Randy only did it for his sister's sake. Peggy reveled in getting Randy to refer to Adams as "dad." On August 14th, 09:16 HST, they learned the truth about their birth father and were reunited with him.