Tod Donner

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Real Identity: Tod Donner
Affiliations: GBS News
Appearances (Comics): Torch Songs: Part 1 and Foreign Affairs
Appearances (Episodes): Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, and Rescue and Search
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Troy Baker

On August 8th, 13:57 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Team Year Six, Tod Donner moderated a Q&A session with Sandra Stayon at a classic movie festival in Hollywood. He began with her break out role in "The Silver Blade" with Jonathan Lord. Donner asked what it was like to break into the industry at age 18. Stanyon replied it was terribly exciting then talked about her love for Lord. Donner inquired if it was true that Lord designed his own makeup for the cursed gargoyle character. Stanyon confirmed it then stated they both did their own stunts. Donner then opened the floor up to audience questions. An attendee immediately asked Stanyon about her divorce with Lord. Superboy entered the room and encouraged Miss Martian to ask Stanyon about "Hello, Megan!" and Marie Logan. Donner acknowledged her and she asked her question. Stanyon lit up and recalled Logan was a professional and a sweetheart then how much how much Miss Martian resembled her. Beast Boy spoke up and announced he was Logan's son and Miss Martian was his sister, Megan. She was curious why he was painted green.

On February 14th, 20:52 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Nine, Donner interviewed Geo-Force about the Outsiders and their role in helping young people, human and meta-human, to see the value of heroism in service. Donner asked out Infinity Inc. and some thinking they were stealing the Outsiders' thunder. Geo-Force stated the Outsiders had no issue with the Infinitors as long as the message got out. At 21:03 EST, Donner reported live confirming reports that a contingent of the Justice League had broken up a meta-trafficking ring in outer space and brought home 316 abducted teenagers, most of them now meta-activated. He also noted the Meta-Human Youth Center in Taos, New Mexico was reportedly overwhelmed by the sudden influx but was making arrangements to expand its services or open more branchs. At 21:03 EST, he reported on Cyborg's release of footage that placed the blame for the deep space meta-trafficking squarely on the back of media magnate Gretchen Goode, claiming she was actually an alien entity. He then shared Goode World Studios issued a flat denial of these claims, stating that in no uncertain terms that Cyborg's footage was faked with special effects. Donner then noted Goode herself continued to be unavailable for comment.

On February 15th, 01:16 EST, Donner reported live about Baron Bedlam's escape from prison and staged coup in Markovia and echoed calls it was an international crisis. He noted Bedlam was aided by meta-humans and military loyal to him but there was no word yet on the status of location of King Gregor Markov. Bedlam's video statement was brought to Donner's attention and played. United Nations Secretary-General Lex Luthor's statement was played next. On February 17th, 12:03 EST, Donner reported live from outside the United Nations Headquarters where a crowd gathered, calling for Luthor's resignation. He was interrupted and told Luthor was making a statement inside. At 12:05 EST, Donner reported Luthor was facing multiple indictments. On February 20th, 20:02 EST, Donner reported Luthor was forced to resign, about the reactivation of the Batsignal in Gotham City, and about Princess Tara Markov being given probation by the Hague and released in the custody of King-in-Exile Gregor Markov, her brother. He also shared her declaration she would redeem herself by doing good works with the Outsiders. On February 25th, 18:39 EST, Donner reported live that Terra, Forager, and Superboy had joined the Outsiders.

On April 19th, 23:05 EDT, Team Year Ten, Donner reported on King Brion of Markovia releasing another video statement on social media welcoming metas to Markovia and the open border meta-human policies causing unrest within his country. He then went to Queen Perdita of Vlatava's statement on the resulting refugee crisis at the border. By September 14th, GBS promoted Donner with "he anchors America." On November 11th, 15:05 EST, Donner reported live from New York with confirmation that Queen Perdita of Vlatava was still missing despite recent reports of her rescue in Markovia and there was no word from her abductors as to her condition.