Eduardo Dorado Senior

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Real Identity: Eduardo Dorado Senior
Affiliation(s): S.T.A.R. Labs
Appearances: Alienated, Salvage, and Runaways
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Three
Powers/Skills: Technology
Voiced By: Bruce Greenwood

Eduardo Dorado Senior is a scientist employed by S.T.A.R. Labs and in particular, works in the Erdel Initiative Zeta Lab at the Taos branch. He worked on Zeta Beam technology and theory for 20 years. However, Senior's relationship with his son became strained. On December 1st, 10:10 Mountain Standard Time (MST), Dorado helped teleport a squad from the Team to Gotham City. On January 6th, 09:58 MST, Dorado informed Nightwing, Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Wonder Woman that Zeta Squad and Adam Strange were about to arrive. On February 13th, Dorado and Strange activated the Zeta Shield to prevent future unauthorized planetary Zeta Beam travel. In April, Senior discovered his son gained the ability of teleportation. He believed further testing would prove one of his theories. However, Senior and Junior argued over the course of several weeks. On May 13th, Eduardo Senior and Adam Strange received crates of Amazo parts sent by the Justice League via Zeta Tube. S.T.A.R. agreed to temporarily store the android in their vaults.

When Dr. Wilcox and a security team failed to retrieve the escaped teenagers, Eduardo Senior was furious. However, Eduardo Senior and Wilcox were interrupted by the appearance of Red Volcano. Red Volcano forced Eduardo Senior to take him to the vault. Eventually, Senior admitted Amazon's head was sent somewhere else as insurance. Just as Red Volcano was about to kill him, Senior was teleported out of the vault by his son. However, they were overcome with mild discomfort due to Junior's limitations in using his ability. During the building evacuation, Senior was escorted out by Asami Koizumi. Senior was weak but still concerned about where his son was.