Dr. Wilcox

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Real Identity: Dr. David Wilcox
Affiliations: S.T.A.R. Labs
Appearances: Runaways
Powers/Skills: Research
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

David Wilcox was born in 1967. Dr. Wilcox is an employee of S.T.A.R. Labs Taos. He has penchant for being punctual and carries around a stop watch. Wilcox was assigned to testing the abilities of the four teenagers experimented on by the Reach. After several weeks, they were tired of being tested like lab rats. On May 13th, 13:05 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), Wilcox agreed to give the four a 20 minute lunchbreak. At 19:30 MDT, Wilcox ended the day's session and scheduled them for 0600 the next morning. However, he became part of the team that went searching for the teenagers after they escaped. Considering Eduardo Dorado Junior's history of fleeing from family, Wilcox convinced his co-worker and Junior's father,Eduardo Senior, to stay behind at S.T.A.R. while the search was conducted. After the teenagers were tracked to a bus depot, Wilcox was astonished to see Tye Longshadow generate such a large astral form. At Blue Beetle's behest, Wilcox abandoned the search and returned to S.T.A.R. Labs.

While apprising Eduardo Senior of what happened, Wilcox and Senior were accosted by Red Volcano. During an evacuation of the building, Wilcox was pulled out by Asami Koizumi. Wilcox thanked her and Virgil Hawkins for their help. In the chaos, Wilcox lost his stop watch.