Dr. Spence

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Real Identity: Dr. Amanda Spence
Affiliation(s): Project Cadmus
Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Agendas, and Auld Acquaintance
Appearances (Comics): Fears
Powers/Skills: Genetics and Technology
Voiced By: Vanessa Marshall

Dr. Spence is a scientist employed by Project Cadmus in Washington D.C. as an Assistant Research Scientist and is privy to their Genomorph breeding program and Project Kr. However, she was also being kept under the mind control of the G-Gnomes by Dr. Desmond. After Superboy was freed and Desmond taken away by the Justice League, Spence was made acting chief scientist by the Guardian.

Dr. Spence and her team began work on legitimate genetic medical research. When Superboy learned another Super-Clone was created by Cadmus, he suspected Spence was head of the project. When Superboy was defeated by the new clone, Match, Spence placed him in a pod since it was the fastest way to heal him. Superboy did not take kindly to the action and openly accused Spence of creating Match. Spence denied it and returned to her lab. On December 31st, Spence helped the Team in creating a cure and vaccine to Starrotech. On January 1st, she was neutralized by the Light, while the group ransacked Project Cadmus.