Dr. Sandsmark

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Real Identity: Dr. Helena Sandsmark
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Archaeology and History
Voiced By: Mae Whitman

Dr. Helena Sandsmark is an archaeologist, whose work was of scholarly interest to Aquaman and Wonder Woman. At some point, she and the Greek god Zeus conceived a child. Sandsmark became a single mother and raised her daughter Cassandra Sandsmark on a teacher's salary. The Riddler used his discovery about the Tiamat statue to manipulate Dr. Sandsmark to start a dig in Greece. Sandsmark's team and discoveries were monitored by the Riddler and the Light through their satellites. She was soon kidnapped by the Light from an excavation site near Olympia. Wonder Woman, who was otherwise occupied on Themyscira, called for the Team to investigate.

On February 16, 21:31 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Five, Batman assigned the Team to find the abducted Dr. Sandsmark. On February 17, 07:15 Eastern European Time (EET), Alpha Squad, led by Artemis, ran into Cheshire and the League of Shadows searching the Olympia dig site for a fragment of the Tiamat statue. Red Tornado detected an unidentified GPS tag emanating from the squad's approximate location and alerted them. They discovered Dr. Sandsmark's tablet device. Artemis noticed it was picking up a set of coordinates not far from the squad's position. Upon reaching a Greek amphitheatre, Artemis played a recording of Dr. Sandsmark. She revealed a statue fragment she excavated from the site was oddly Babylonian and the Light was forcing her to locate more pieces of the statue. In closing, Dr. Sandsmark issued a plea for help. Aquagirl was unable to track the recording's signal back to its source location. Artemis realized Sandsmark was trying to leave breadcrumbs behind. The squad was then attacked by Cheshire.

Alpha Squad headed to the Museum of Natural History in Athens to check on a newly opened exhibit that showcased artifacts recovered by Dr. Sandsmark's dig. Sportsmaster found a statue fragment in the Antiquities wing on the top floor of the museum. Alpha Squad challenged him but Sportsmaster was able to leave with the fragment. Artemis was able to plant a tracer on Sportsmaster and a squad led by Superboy followed his signal to Verhoyansk in Siberia. They discovered a transmission tower was interfering with Dr. Sandsmark's signal and destroyed the antenna.

Following a lead on LexCorp, a squad led by Aqualad went to Santa Prisca to rendezvous with Aquaman. While Alpha Squad were in the process of locating the entrance to Atabey's Shrine, Red Tornado detected a GPS transmission signal from Dr. Sandsmark. The squad successfully downloaded several corrupted files. After Aquaman and the Squad stopped Lex Luthor from leaving Santa Prisca with a third fragment, they returned to Mount Justice. Nightwing uploaded the corrupt files and ran them through repair algorithms. The message was recovered and Dr. Sandsmark's message revealed the Light was on the move now that she located the other statue fragments. Fearing for her life, Sandsmark managed to overhear something about Gotham City. While elated to be part of an important archaeological discovery, Sandsmark was afraid it would lead to people getting hurt, maybe even her daughter.

Batman advised the Team to investigate Gotham Docks first. On February 17, 20:20 EST, a squad led by Nightwing was almost hit by a sniper. They soon found the docks were swarming with the Riddler's goons and LexCorp robots. They eventually discovered several Haly's Circus crates. Nightwing discovered a photo of Dr. Sandsmark and Cassie in one of them. The squad headed to Haly's International Circus and the Riddler came on the loudspeaker. He directed their attention to the far ring, where Dr. Sandsmark was tied to a chair. After clearing through goons and robots, the squad was forced to battle Psimon the the mind realm. Upon defeating him, Nightwing untied Sandsmark and complemented her idea to send the messages. Sandsmark was relieved someone found them but had no idea who her saviors were. Nightwing assured her they were the good guys. The Riddler taunted the squad with another riddle when they demanded the fourth statue fragment. While they set off for the Riddler's funhouse, back-up was dispatched to escort Sandsmark to safety.

After defeating the Riddler, they returned to Mount Justice. From a remote location, Dr. Sandsmark took part in the meeting between the Team and Batman. She recalled seeing large pieces of equipment being moved that were determined to be more techno-sorcery. While Batman attempted to hail Aquagirl at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sandsmark looked over the statue fragments and realized the Riddler's was a fake. Batman pulled up surveillance footage and everyone watched as Klarion posed as Tempest and combined all the fragments into one then exited through a portal with Aquagirl in hot pursuit. On January 26th, 00:10 EST, Team Year Six, Wonder Girl voiced her desire to accompany the Justice League's party departing to Rimbor. However, Wonder Woman was confident Dr. Sandsmark couldn't be convinced to allow it.