Dr. Roquette

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Real Identity: Dr. Serling Roquette
Affiliations: Royal University and S.T.A.R. Labs
Appearances (Episodes): Infiltrator
Appearances (Comics): Cherry Gig, Ominous Tidings, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Nanorobotics, Claytronics, and Coding
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Dr. Roquette is a nanorobotics genius and claytronics expert at Royal University in Star City. She was awarded the Award for Excellence in the Field of Robotics. On July 25th, Team Year Zero, she was abducted by the League of Shadows and coerced into creating a new weapon for their personal use. Two weeks later, Roquette completed the Utility Fog, a group of millions of nanotech infiltrators, on Infinity Island. On August 7th, 23:49 Eastern Carribean Time (ECT), Red Arrow successfully extracted her. Roquette was taken to Happy Harbor High School and began working on coding a distributive algorithm virus to render the fog inert. The Team was assigned to protect her in the meantime, as the virus made her a target of the Shadows.

After an encounter with Cheshire, a member of the Shadows, Aqualad decided to move the scientist. As part of a ploy, Miss Martian assumed her appearance and was planted in a trap while the real Dr. Roquette finished and uploaded the virus at the Sandbar Internet Cafe. Once Cheshire realized the virus was uploaded, she spared Roquette's life. According to Cheshire, her mission was terminated and the League of Shadows may find another use for Roquette in the future. On December 31st, Roquette was called on by the Team to help in quickly creating a cure and vaccine to be used against Starrotech.

At some point, Queen Perdita Vladek secretly set up a transfer of the Kryptonite discovered in Krastmala with Dr. Roquette. They both purchased the same purse for the transfer. On November 6th Team Year Ten, Vladek contacted Oliver Queen asking for his and Dinah Lance's help with the transfer. On November 9th, Ten, Dr. Roquette attended to Vladek who "officially" came to inspect the Star City S.T.A.R. Labs facility in lieu of deciding on approving the construction of one in Vlatavastok. They shook hands and agreed to call each other by their first names. Roquette then introduced her to "fellow colleagues" Doctors Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen. Vladek and Roquette noticed each other's purses and complimented them, both realizing they bought theirs from Forever Sixteen. They were interrupted by the arrival of several Lex-Bots. Dr. Roquette tried to direct the others to safety but she, Vladek's bodyguard Denny Nielson, Dinah Lance, and Oliver Queen were hit with darts and collapsed then Vladek was kidnapped. They were taken to Royal Memorial Hospital for observation. On November 12, 09:05 PST, Dr. Roquette regained consciousness. Jim Harper quickly told her she was in a coma but would be okay.