Dr. Cross

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Real Identity: Dr. Pieter Anton Cross
Affiliation(s): Seattle Medical Center
Appearances: Coldhearted and True Colors
Powers/Skills: Medicine and Surgery
Voiced By: Bruce Greenwood

Pieter Cross is was born in Sogndal, Norway but later became a naturalized American citizen. Cross grew up to become an expert medical physician. On November 11th, Team Year Zero, Dr. Cross was recruited to a team of surgeons assigned to perform a heart transplant on Queen Perdita. After asking Kid Flash about the donor heart, Cross watched as Kid Flash sped off to the medical center's parking structure. Cross and his team later took the heart and saved Perdita's life. On April 7th, Team Year Six, Dr. Cross assisted the Atom and Bumblebee in Ivy Town in their unsuccessful attempt to remove the Scarab from Jaime Reyes.