Dr. Burr

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Real Identity: Dr. Jason Burr
Affiliation(s): Gotham City Observatory
Appearances (Comics): Common Denominators and Uncommon Denominators
Powers/Skills: Astrology
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dr. Jason Burr is the Leading Astronomer at the Gotham City Observatory. On September 11th, 21:48 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Burr was rendered unconscious and kidnapped by Mammoth and the Kobra Cult. As they made their exit through the planetarium, Batman and Robin attempted to save Burr. They failed but found Burr's identification card and interrogated one of the cultists. On September 12th, Burr was restrained to an altar during a ritual performed by his fraternal twin, Kobra. Kobra required a small amount of Burr's blood for a rite that would turn him into a god. After ingesting concentrated cobra venom and some of the blood, Kobra plunged an ancient Cobra dagger into Burr. Burr vanished into the dagger and Kobra was transformed. After Artemis fired the dagger into Kobra, Dr. Burr was restored to normal.