Snapper Carr

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Real Identity: Lucas "Snapper" Carr
Affiliation(s): Happy Harbor High School and Justice League
Appearances (Episodes): Welcome to Happy Harbor, Targets, Failsafe, Secrets, Salvage, Endgame, Away Mission, Home Fires, Another Freak, Illusion of Control, Nevermore, Inhospitable, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Haunted, Monkey Business, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Powers/Skills: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Education
Voiced By: Greg Weisman

Lucas Carr was a Happy Harbor teenager nicknamed "Snapper" for his perchance to snap his fingers. Snapper Carr helped install and maintain equipment for the Justice League's Secret Sanctuary. Carr was made an honorary member but was infamously known as the team mascot and first sidekick. He also recorded the team's exploits in a casebook. However, on one fateful day, Carr was tricked and mistakenly revealed the location of the base to the Joker. Blaming himself for the incursion, Carr tried to help the League fight the Joker rather than evacuate to a safe location. The Joker rendered him unconscious with one punch.

Snapper Carr later became a teacher at Happy Harbor High and teaches civics. Four years after the Joker incident, Carr was one of the citizens of Happy Harbor forced to evacuate when Mr. Twister attacked the area. He witnessed the arrival of Red Tornado, who was actually Miss Martian in disguise. On September 7th, Carr presented a class with Cat Grant's report on the Rhelasian peace summit as part of a lesson on the country. On October 31st, Carr volunteered to be a chaperone for the Halloween Dance. At some point after, Carr became Garfield Logan's private tutor and held sessions with him in the Cave. On February 13th, 21:51 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Six, Carr was tutoring Logan when the Zeta Shield was activated. On June 20th, Carr coordinated the 20 squads of heroes around the planet from the Watchtower. Later that month, he attended Wally West's funeral. After Conner Kent and Megan Morse graduated college, Carr rented the addition above his garage to them.

On August 4th, 12:25 EDT, Team Year Eight, Carr was out on his patio with Sphere, Wolf, Kent, and Morse when Brion Markov stormed downstairs in a rage. Carr commented some people just did not know how to enjoy a summer afternoon. Kent later introduced Carr and Markov to Bear. Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock, Jefferson Pierce, and Conner Kent discussed what to do with Markov and Halo. Carr pointed out they both had meta-abilities and proposed they be put in the Team. Crock countered powers were not a requirement and Grayson added they were not a free ticket to join. Kent was unsure about giving a girl with no memories access to the Watchtower since she could be brainwashed. Carr noted brainwashing was not required and brought up how he "kind of sort of" led the Joker to Mount Justice when he was a teenager. They soon heard Markov testing his meta-ability outside. Grayson wanted to conduct a precision test and asked Markov to hit a rock. Carr requested he be careful of his apple trees. Markov burned his clothes off and some of the trees got burned by magma. Carr was aghast then tossed the naked Markov his jacket.

On September 29th, 11:06 EDT, Carr offered Morse the chance to car pool to Happy Harbor High. Morse thought he left already and worried he was late. Carr claimed a perk of being the new principal was getting to go when he wanted. She wondered if that was true. He admitted he could occassionally, assuming the school board didn't get wise to it. On October 15th, 07:19 EDT, Carr and Morse drove Violet Harper and Fred Bugg to school on their first day. Harper was sure driving up with the guidance counselor and principal would help them be accepted by their peers. On November 22nd, Carr spent Thanksgiving in his addition with Kent, Morse, Mal Duncan, Karen Beecher, Forager, and later, Victor Stone. On February 27th, 08:08 EST, Team Year Nine, Carr was present when Fred Bugg revealed his true identity and appearance as Forgager to his class. At some point, Carr and Bethany Lee got married and they later took Harper and Cullen Row as their foster children.

On February 23rd Team Year Ten, Carr hosted a farewell party for Kent and Morse. He presided over the barbeque. Carr began to narrate as he observed Will Harper and Conner Kent laugh about Jim and Roy Harper and Harlan Matthews being stuck with a boring Bowhunter Security gig. Forager detected the smell of smoke. Carr rushed off to try and save his burgers. He declared they were a little charred but still tasty. Forager saw no veggie burgers. Carr realized he forgot and ran to his fridge. When Carr returned, he was aghast his punch bowl was filled with potato salad and annoyed Forager was not watching Lian Nguyen-Harper and Amistad Ervin. Forager clarified he watched them carry out a worthwhile educational endeavor about the displacement of liquids. Carr left to get more punch, potato salad, and napkins. By the time he returned, the Team Zero crew was gone. Forager apprised him of Harlan Matthews's kidnapping by Task Force X. Some time later, Forager suggested more burgers since they were now more guests. Carr was not sure Matthews, formerly Clayface, even ate anymore. He fretted about his reputation as a good host when Jim and Roy Harper arrived via Zeta-Tube.

On February 25th, 07:38 EST, Carr brought his wife coffee and reckoned she never thought she would have to say they need to a space ship to move so they could get their cars out. They watched as Kent, M'orzz, Martian Manhunter, and Garfield Logan departed for Mars on Bio-Ship. On the evening of September 15th, Carr scrambled to get ordained on a website. The next day, Kent and M'orzz's wedding was held on his property. After M'orzz arrived, Carr commented not even death could part them but decided it best to get to the exchange of vows before the next supervillain attacked. He then pronounced them husband and wife with the blessing of love and long life from C'eridy'all. Carr officiated the reception. He was surprised Icicle Junior caught M'orzz's bouquet then directed everyone to the newlyweds' first dance as a married couple. He asked everyone to clear the dance floor then belayed that as the couple danced 16 feet in the air. Carr was confused to see a Trogowog run off with the bouquet and asked what it was.