Paula Crock

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Real Identity: Paula Nguyen-Crock
Appearances (Episodes): Downtime, Homefront, Misplaced, Insecurity, Satisfaction, Complications, Illusion of Control, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, and I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings
Appearances (Comics): Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Kelly Hu

Born in Vietnam, Paula Crock is the former criminal Huntress and mother of Artemis Crock and Jade Nguyen. During the commission of a crime, she suffered paralysis and was arrested. Sportsmaster, her husband, got away and Crock served a six year sentence. The only thing that kept her alive were weekly letters from Artemis. On July 31st, 20:11 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Team Year Zero, Paula Crock returned home in Gotham City and was met by only Artemis. When Lawrence Crock returned home, Paula issued an ultimatum: give up the life, too, or leave. Lawrence Crock chose the latter and left. With Artemis as her priority, she is determined not to lose another daughter and wants Artemis to have the life she couldn't.

However, on August 7th, 22:42 EDT, Paula was visited by Batman and Green Arrow. She requested they help keep Artemis from falling into a life of crime. They offered Artemis a position on the Team, with Paula's permission. On August 9th, after letting Cheshire escape during a Team mission, Artemis returned home and told Paula Crock she was just like Sportsmaster. Paula told her she was family and she did the right thing letting her go. Paula did not believe the justice system would turn Jade and only family could do that but Jade was afraid to open her heart and be a part of a family because it was a risk. Paula admitted Jade got that from her and it took getting crippled, six years of prison, and losing her family to teach her those lessons. She hoped Jade was a quicker study and asked Artemis to convince her next time they saw each other. On August 27th, she convinced Crock to accept a full Wayne Foundation scholarship and transfer to Gotham City Academy.

Crock was devastated by the death of Artemis. She managed to overcome her grief over the next two days thanks to Wally West's support. On March 21, 17:38 EDT, Team Year Six, West and Crock visited Artemis' grave at the Gotham Cemetery. On May 28th, 02:34 EDT, Jade Nguyen arrived at Paula's apartment to pick up Lian from babysitting. Nguyen decided to tell her mother the truth about Artemis. In June, Crock attended Wally West's funeral and consoled her daughter.

On November 22nd, Team Year Eight, Paula Crock was not pleased to learn by accident from Dr. Helga Jace during dinner that her daughter returned to the hero life. She expressed her desire for her to settle down with Will Harper and be Lian Nguyen-Harper's surrogate mother. Artemis Crock denied there was anything with Harper. Between Team Year Nine and Team Year Ten, Paula Crock moved to Star City to be closer with her family. At some point, Jade Nguyen set up an emergency signal with Paula only in case of a life or death emergency involving Lian Nguyen-Harper.

On April 18th, 17:54 PDT, Team Year Ten, Artemis Crok spoke to Paula Crock in the Harper home's kitchen about what helped her through the grief. Paula presumed she meant hitting criminals over the head with a bo staff. Artemis sighed and stated it was helping other people. She added it was how she survived losing Wally West and how she would survive Conner Kent's death. Paula mused whatever got her out of bed. Artemis clarified helping strangers also gave her the excuse to take a pass on helping the one person she thought was beyond her help. Paula thought she meant West. Artemis exclaimed she was talking about her sister. Paula sighed and told her Jade was beyond all their help, noting she had everything and threw it all away. Artemis didn't care and knew she had to try again but admitted the problem was finding her. Paula hinted that would not be the only problem.

On April 19th, 04:16 PDT, Paula Crock read "A Tale of Two Cities" in the kitchen of the Harper home when she got a surprising visit from Jade Nguyen. She demanded to know why she used an emergency signal to make contact and what was wrong with her daughter. Paula told her nothing was wrong but recalled she asked about her all the time but she was fine. In reality, Artemis Crock tricked Jade Nguyen into coming to Harper's house with Paula Crock's emergency signal despite a warning about doing it. Artemis asked Nguyen for her help in a mole situation. Nguyen was uninterested and was about to leave but Crock point out she was followed by a Shadow from the house, the same house her daughter lived in. On April 22nd, 07:16 PDT, Paula Crock was present in the Harper home when Artemis Crock returned from Santa Prisca.

On November 11th, 12:31 PST, Paula Crock and Lian Nguyen-Harper visited the still comatose Oliver Queen at Royal Memorial Hospital. Nguyen-Harper was eager to say hello but Crock told her there was no hurry since they could not say "hi" back. Nguyen-Harper touched Queen's hand and revealed she just wanted to everyone to know they were not alone. At 12:44 PST, Crock told her it was time to go.