Catherine Cobert

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Real Identity: Catherine Cobert
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances (Episodes): Happy New Year, Alienated, Royal We, Influence, and Ego and Superego (voice only)
Appearances (Comics): Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Public Relations
Voiced By: Stephanie Lemelin

Catherine Cobert is the Justice League's public liaison and her voice was appropriated as the voice of the League's computers. On January 3rd Team Year Six, Cobert intervened when Cat Grant tried to get a comment from Zatanna and Rocket on security footage of Lobo and a Krolotean. Cobert reminded Grant a statement would be issued soon. On January 6th, 12:05 EST, Cobert led a guided public tour of the Hall of Justice. In June Team Year Six, Cobert attended Wally West's funeral. On July 30th, 14:21 EDT, Team Year Eight, she concluded her address to the United Nations General Assembly during the UN Meta-Human Summit. She announced Batman, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Hardware, Katana, and Plastic Man resigned from the Justice League in protest of increasing restrictions placed on its United Nations charter. On November 6th, 15:01 EST, Catherine Cobert and Ambassador Troia held a press conference at the former site of the Hall of Justice. They stressed the need for the Justice League to retain their autonomy because decisions by political committee took too long and could cost lives.

Troia pointed out it was two years since the Hall was destroyed and the committee to renovate the site was deadlocked on how to proceed then applied that imagining how Luthor's process of utilizing the League for life and death missions was dangerous. Around Sepember 9th Team Year Ten, Cobert introduced Black Lightning and Secretary-General Troia at the dedication ceremony for the construction of the future Hall of Justice on Justice Island in New York City. Troia later added the United Nations hopes the close proximity to the Hall would represent a new era of partnership between them and the Justice League. Lighting and Troia dedicated the site to that partnership together.