Maurice Bodaway

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Real Identity: Maurice Bodaway
Affiliation(s): Rio Grande High School
Appearances: Beneath
Powers/Skills: Menial Labor
Voiced By: Robert Beltran

Maurice Bodaway was born in 1966. He is currently an employee of Rio Grande High School and boyfriend of Shelly Longshadow. Bodaway routinely got into disagreements with Longshadow's son, Tye, secretly sold pirated movies and video games, and has anger management issues. Allegedly, he was long jealous of Tye's father's role as leader of the Mescalero Apaches. In time, Bodaway became disinterested in it and sought out things that paid money. On February 18th, Bodaway got into another fight with Tye Longshadow. Tye had enough and decided to runaway to Houston but was kidnapped along the way. Bodaway denied any involvement and interest in the matter. On Febraury 19th, Jaime Reyes discovered he kept his pirated movies and games in a shed on the Rio Grande High School campus. After confronting Bodaway, Reyes decided to turn him into the police over the piracy.