Casey Brinke

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Real Identity: Casey Brinke
Appearances (Comics): Torch Songs: Part 2
Appearances (Episodes): Nightmare Monkeys
Powers/Skills: Medical Training
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Casey Brinke is a paramedic working in Los Angeles. On August 8, Team Year Six, Brinke and Sam Reynolds were dispatched to a classic movie convention in Hollywood after Sandra Stanyon went into an unresponsive state along with Beast Boy, Superboy, and Miss Martian, due to a psychic attack by Psimon earlier. Miss Martian was eventually able to pull them out of her mind. They regained consciousness but Psimon got away. Beast Boy was just glad he wasn't a frog anymore. Casey Brinke had no idea what he meant and stated they needed to get him to a hospital for observation. On October 15, Team Year Eight, Garfield Logan fell prey to a Goode VR Goggle's metahuman test and was reduced to a psychic fugue state. Queen Perdita, his girlfriend, called Miss Martian and Superboy as well as 911. Brinke and Reynolds were dispatched to their room at the Luthor Grande Hotel Beverly Hills. They placed Logan on a gurney and were about to leave when Miss Martian, as Megan Morse, arrived with Superboy and told them to stop.

Brinke thought she was kidding and stated Logan needed to get to a hospital. Morse stated he was her brother and she knew what he needed. Superboy lifted Brinke and Reynolds off the ground and walked them outside the hotel room. Brinke demanded they be put down. Superboy thanked them for their service but insisted they had the situation handled and promised to return the gurney later then shut the door.