Iris Allen

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Real Identity: Iris West-Allen
Affiliation(s): GBS News
Appearances: Downtime, Coldhearted, Bloodlines, and Home Fires
Appearances (Comics): What's The Story? and Yesterday's Children: Memory Six
Powers/Skills: Journalism
Voiced By: Nicole Dubuc

Iris West is a reporter for GBS News. She later met Barry Allen. The two instantly fell in love and started seeing each other. They later married. On August 27 Team Year Zero, the 29 year old Iris attended Jay Garrick's birthday party at her brother, Rudy's home. On November 11th, on a GBS broadcast, Iris wished Wally West a happy birthday. Throughout the day, she reported on the Justice League's battles with five Flying Ice Fortresses.

On February 28 Team Year Six, Iris Allen planned to tell Barry Allen she was pregnant. However, the news was spoiled by her alleged grandson Bart Allen. He also revealed she was pregnant with twins who would be named Don and Dawn. In June, she attended Wally West's funeral. On September 29, 10:00 CDT, Team Year Eight, Iris Allen watched GBS's coverage of a joint Justice League-S.T.A.R. Labs press conference in Taos. She grumbled about Cat Grant getting to cover it as usual while everyone forgot she was a reporter after she gave birth to twins. Someone rang the doorbell at the front door. She turned the TV off while Bart Allen handled Don and Dawn Allen. She thanked him for the help but yelled at him not to refer to Don as "Dad" or her as "Grandma." She answered the door and greeted Queen Mera and Prince Artur then informed them they were the first to arrive. Soon other spouses and children of Justice League members arrived.

Later in the day, she told Lois Lane she was glad she and her son Jonny Kent could make it. Lane reckoned it was the one place to relax with people who truly understood "the life." Allen noted their numbers were growing. Bart Allen again called Don "Dad" and Iris Allen scolded him again. On November 4, 08:24 MST, Iris West-Allen reported from Taos to cover the Justice League's press conference about Goode VR Goggles and its role in a major metahuman trafficking ring. On March 24, Team Year Ten, Lois Lane mentioned to Superman that Iris Allen assured her boys taking their time potty training was perfectly normal.