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Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Schooled, Infiltrator, Downtime, Homefront, Revelation, Failsafe, Misplaced, Insecurity, Happy New Year, Satisfaction, Complications, Endgame, Rescue Op, Triptych, Influence, First Impressions, Elder Wisdom, Unknown Factors, Nevermore, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, The Lady, or The Tigress?, and I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Fears, Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Common Denominators, Monkey Business, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Six, and Foreign Affairs
Appearances (Games): Legacy
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Gotham City is a major city in Connecticut. Its most famous corporation is Wayne Enterprises, which specializes in industry and technological research and development. Gotham is also famous for being home to the richest man alive, Bruce Wayne, and the city's resident protector, Batman who both technically live outside of the city. Although Batman's dedication is tolerated by the police department, his level of support is precarious. During a training session in 2004, Artemis Crock was defeated by her sister. Crusher Crock was pleased Jade gave no mercy to her opponent but he advised Artemis to learn or die because a mistake in the field would get her killed. Artemis claimed it was hard to see with her mask on. He mused she would need it with they way she fought. Jade pointed out out it was too big for Artemis and asked how she was supposed to succeed wearing his hand-me-downs then pointed out he would never go out in gear that didn't fit. He grabbed her wrist, leg sweeped her, and chucked her sai. He advised her to worry about herself.

Back at home, Jade packed and prepared to run away. Artemis tried to dissuade her and stated they had to keep their family from falling apart. Jade ignored her and remembered to grab a toothbrush. Artemis pointed out he would chase her. She wasn't concerned and promised to disappear like the Cheshire cat. She told her to get out, too, but not with her because she would slow her down. Artemis stated someone had to be home with their mother got out of prison. Jade told her it was every girl for herself in their family. Crusher Crock returned some time later and asked where Jade was. Artemis informed him she left for good and he would never find her. He didn't care and assumed she would be lucky if she survived a week alone but was fine with it if she thought she was ready to be on her own. He told Artemis to ditch the books because it was time to train. Jade got on a bus but kept the seat next to her open by threat of harm with her sai. Artemis suffered a bruise on her left eye and her left arm was put in a sling. Some time later, Jade returned home for supplies. She saw Artemis's injuries and concluded nothing changed since she left. Jade asked her to raid the fridge for her but Crusher Crock overheard and stated she could not.

Jade still claimed she could make it on her own. He told her to prove it and gestured to the bedroom window. Jade left, speaking in meet-up code she developed with her sister using Alice in Wonderland. Artemis waited on the roof and observed a couple arguing in the building across. Jade climbed up the ladder and admitted she wasn't sure Artemis remembered. Artemis pointed out it was pretty obvious with "mad as hatters." She was also happy to hand over the freeze-dried Chicken Whizees. Jade thanked her and gave her a copy of "Dumb Luck." Artemis realized she stole it from the Gotham Public Library. Jade pointed out she stole food out of the fridge for her then asked when their father would be back. Artemis told her he said 36 hours. Jade promised to return tomorrow night with enough money for her to restock. The next night, Jade did not return. Crusher Crock knew what happened and told Artemis she was training on an empty stomach and training hard. He revealed she would be working on one-armed boxing skills.

On July 4th, 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Team Year Zero, Mr. Freeze terrorized citizens gathered at a park for the holiday. He was defeated by Batman and Robin. On July 31st, Artemis Crock became a vigilante and neutralized street level thieves. On August 3rd, 21:21 EDT, Professor Ivo's transport passed Gotham City. Superboy arrived and was punched several yards away into the Gotham City Academy. The rest of the team arrived at the Academy to join Superboy in fighting Ivo and Amazo. Artemis continued to patrol Gotham City but on August 7th, 22:42 EDT, she returned home and met Batman and Green Arrow.

On August 9th, 01:16 EDT, Artemis used a Zeta Beam teleporter tube to transport herself to Gotham. Upon landing in a phone booth, she was confronted by Red Arrow. After letting Cheshire escape during a Team mission, Artemis returned home and told Paula Crock she was just like Sportsmaster. Paula told her she was family and she did the right thing letting her go. Paula did not believe the justice system would turn Jade and only family could do that but Jade was afraid to open her heart and be a part of a family because it was a risk. Paula admitted Jade got that from her and it took getting crippled, six years of prison, and losing her family to teach her those lessons. She hoped Jade was a quicker study and asked Artemis to convince her next time they saw each other. A short time later, Cheshire went to her former home and saw Artemis reading "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" and could not bring herself to fulfill her orders to bring her to the League of Shadows. Artemis heard her and ran to the roof. She warned her she was following in their father's footsteps.

Cheshire denied she was like him. She told Artemis her team would never trust her unless she told them the truth and brought her in. She bet Artemis could not bring herself to do either. Artemis was silent. Cheshire put her mask back on and left. On August 26th, 08:15 EDT, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson arrived at the Wayne Foundation to inspect a mysterious package. It turned out to be Clayface, sent by Ra's Al Ghul for Batman and Robin's interence in his latest plan. Batman later assigned the Team to only track Clayface but not to engage. On August 27th, 04:49 EDT, the Team sans Artemis was attacked by Clayface in the sewers. They regrouped and tracked him to a Bichel Co. warehouse. At 06:17 EDT, Batman intervened on the failed mission to track Clayface. On September 11th, 21:48 EDT, Batman and Robin attempted to stop a kidnapping in progress. On October 1st, 19:49 EDT, Plant Creatures controlled by the Injustice League were attacked by Batman, in his Batwing, Zatara, and Captain Marvel. Several emergency crew and civilians were doused in Joker Venom gas. Plastic Man, Rocket, and Icon also appeared and helped evacuate people to safety.

On November 5th, 22:07 EDT, while everyone was distracted by the spell cast by Klarion and his sorcerers, Sportsmaster and Riddler targeted S.T.A.R. Labs Gotham. While Sportsmaster, sans costume, incited a riot outside, Riddler posed as an employee and stole the echinoderm from Atlantis. Sportsmaster later returned to Gotham on December 6th to offer Artemis a chance to join the villains. On September 16th, 21:45 EST, Team Year Four, Red Arrow observed a meeting between Lex Luthor and the Riddler at Gotham's Museum of Antiquities, in the Babylonian Wing.

On February 17th, Team Year Five, the Riddler took Dr. Sandsmark to Gotham City to serve as a distraction for the Team while Klarion awakened Tiamat in Bialya. At 20:20 EST, Alpha Squad began their search for Sandsmark at the Gotham Docks but were targeted by Riddler's snipers. Nightwing discovered a photograph of Dr. Sandsmark with her daughter Cassie in a Haly's Circus crate. Alpha made their way to Haly's International Circus and were ambushed by the Riddler's goons and LexCorp robots. As they made their way to the far ring for Sandsmark, Alpha was forced to battle Psimon on the mind realm. After defeating him, Alpha pursued Riddler to his funhouse maze and successfully challenged him for the last Tiamat statue fragment, which turned out to be a fake. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Nightwing opted to have his squad take a Zeta Tube from Taos to Gotham City then fly over to Metropolis to deal with the crises at hand. At 16:57 EST, Batman and Robin continued with their investigation once Red Tornado finished updating them on the crises.

On January 1st, Team Year Six, the Team was once again assigned to track down Clayface. Superboy managed to flush the target but was nearly suffocated. Miss Martian and Robin provided support while Superboy completely solidified Clayface with a special pill. The rest of Delta Squad, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, and Blue Beetle, converged on their allies' signals. On March 21st, 17:38 EDT, Wally West and Paula Crock presided over Artemis Crock's grave while Crusher Crock and Jade Nguyen kept their distance.

On May 28th, 02:34 EDT, Jade Nguyen returned to the Crock apartment to pick up Lian. She decided to tell her mother the truth about Artemis. On June 20th, 06:20 EDT, two Beetle Tech Drones and a Magnetic Field Disrupter activated in a park in Gotham City. On August 5th, 21:04 EDT, Team Year Eight, Gordon put on a Goode Goggles headset and played the Funny Monkeys game. Despite thinking it was stupid, she still had fun with it. Grayson tried to slip into the apartment undetected but she tossed him. They kissed but her station sounded an alert about the assassination of Jaqqar Marlo. Later that night, she hailed Grayson and told him Halo's original name is Gabrielle Daou. Oracle anonymously forwarded damning evidence to the authorities that got industrialist Simon Stagg arrested for meta-human trafficking and corporate espionage.

On September 12th, 21:39 EDT, Robin led a squad monitoring Mad Hatter in Gotham City. Spoiler noticed he was hatless. Robin revealed that was a condition of his parole. Spoiler noted he was heading to his night job right on schedule and he was drinking a lot of water. Robin agreed he was drinking it awfully fast. After Hatter threw the bottle away and left, Robin grabbed it and noticed clay backwash. He deduced it was really Clayface but stated they needed to find a way to check. He asked where Orphan was. Orphan suddenly sliced Hatter in half to confirm it was Clayface. They fought. Robin threw out three smoke balls. Arrowette questioned if Clayface and Hatter were allies. Robin answered they were not and concluded Hatter was probably controlling him. Spoiler got an idea and yelled loud enough that they should go to Hatter's location. Clayface fell for it and retreated. Spoiler slipped a liquid tracer on him and led them straight to Hatter's base.

They learned Hatter was using nano-technology to force meta-humans to work for Branchwater Security. Robin ordered Arrowette and Orphan to run interference on Clayface and for Spoiler to go after Hatter. Robin discovered a control device and took it then discovered Hatter rigged the building to explode. They cleared the building just as the self-destruct sequence ended but Clayface's nano-technology programming prevented him from leaving. He was gathered up and placed in a pod. Robin used the device and issued a final command, he was forever released from all external mental control of his actions. It worked and Clayface thanked him. On September 25th, 23:43 EDT, Superboy and Miss Martian busted Simon Stagg for being in possession of a Reach Meta-Human Failsafe device stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs Detroit. On September 26th, 02:27 EDT, Stagg was arrested by Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya for meta-trafficking. On November 4th, Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon shut down the infamous Batsignal.

On November 22nd, 15:02 EST, Cassie Sandsmark visited Tim Drake in Gotham City in an attempt to repair their strained relationship. On January 20th, 23:29 EST, Team Year Nine, Oracle activated a counter-frequency pulse from Nightwing's darkwear transmitter. On January 21st, 20:29 EST, she contacted Kaldur'ahm for help in rescuing Nightwing and Black Lightning. On February 15th, 18:31 EST, Jefferson Pierce went to Barbara Gordon's apartment to demand to know what the response to the coup in Markovia was. She claimed to have calculated he would come but was late. He admitted he stood in front of her door for awhile. She briefed him about the mixed squads of members of the Team and Outsiders sent to Markovia. He deduced there was more. She informed him they were aware Terra was Deathstroke's mole and believed they could flip her to their side. Pierce quickly formed a plan of his own. He hailed Cyborg on comms and instructed him to take Terra's comm and hack it.

On February 20th, 20:02 EST, Gordon cuddled with Grayson on the couch while they watched Tod Donner on GBS reporting Lex Luthor was no longer the United Nations Secretary-General. Gordon mentioned rumors that Troia was likely to succeed him and her father turned the Batsignal back on. On April 20th, 18:32 EDT, Team Year Ten, from her apartment, Oracle hailed Tigress on comms to inform her there was a data breach in Green Arrow's vault and at least one person she was with was a traitor: Onyx or Cassandra Savage or both. She offered help from the Bat-Family despite Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Spoiler being cowl deep in a turf war between Penguin and Two-Face. Tigress declined the back up. On April 21st, 19:03 EDT, Oracle hailed Tigress on comms and asked her not to drag it out and get Orphan back because she was like a sister to her. At 21:07 EDT, Oracle asked Tigress to stall the League of Shadows so Orphan could work on her chains. On April 22nd, 10:14 EDT, Orphan entered Oracle's apartment and they hugged.

On November 11th, 15:39 EST, Oracle received test results from Ray Palmer and Karen Beecher. She asked them if they were sure. Beecher reassured her they did three tests and advised her to warn Superboy about the Kryptonite as soon as possible.