Utility Fog

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Infiltrator and Insecurity
Powers/Skills: Disintegration, Data Theft, Wireless Transfer, and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Utility Fog, or informally The Fog, is the creation of Dr. Serling Roquette. Although a beauty of science, it was weaponized by the League of Shadows. The Fog is comprised of millions of microscopic robots, nanotech infiltrators capable of disintegrating anything in their path; concrete, steel, flesh, and bone. Their true superior ability is to eat and steal raw data then deliver the intelligence to its user. With it, the Shadows could access weapons, strategic defense, cutting edge science, and technology, thus placing them in a greater capacity to engage in extortion, manipulation, and power brokering.

On August 8th, 21:38 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), the Utility Fog was unleashed on Miami Beach University by Professor Ojo, a member of the Shadows. After Red Arrow saved her, Roquette began work on a distributive algorithm virus to render the Fog inert. At Aqualad's request, Roquette went online and traced it to Philadelphia. Robin and Superboy pursued aboard the Bio Ship and watched as a S.T.A.R. Labs building was decimated by the Fog. The next target was a WayneTech facility. Luckily, Robin linked into the WayneTech mainframe and uploaded the virus, neutralizing the Fog before it could extract any data. On December 5th, Utility Fog was attached to the stolen sample of Starro by one of Professor Ivo's M.O.N.Q.I. droids.