Utility Belt

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Drop Zone, Schooled, Infiltrator, Downtime, Bereft, Terrors, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Alienated, Beneath, Bloodlines, Depths, Satisfaction, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, War, Complications, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Private Security, Rescue Op, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, True Heroes, First Impressions, Elder Wisdom, Unknown Factors, Terminus, Into The Breach, Nevermore, Volatile, Tale of Two Sisters, Artemis Through The Looking-Glass, The Lady, or The Tigress?, I Know Why The Caged Cat Sings, Teg Ydaer!, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Rescue and Search, Ego and Superego, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Haunted, Monkey Business, Hack and You Shall Find, Face Your Fears, By Hook or By Web, What's The Story?, Fears, Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., Common Denominators, Uncommon Denominators, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, Ominous Tidings, Evocative Intel, and Last Rights
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

As part of his vow to seek justice for his parents' murders, Batman would never use a gun. Batman's utility belt is an unassuming source of solutions to any problem. The belt is merely a complement. Batman relies on his mind first. Robin also wears a utility belt. Some of his aresenal include Grappling Gun, Wing-Dings, exploding Wing-Dings, taser gun, and knock-out gas pellets. As part of his training regime, Robin always carries a utility belt, even in his civilian guise. It is kept hidden beneath his clothing. In time, Nightwing and Batgirl debuted and also used Utility Belts.

The Dynamic Duo's most famous weapon is the Batarang and Wing Ding, the fusion of the Shuriken (Japanese Throwing Star) and the Boomerang from Australia. They are believed to be personally forged in the Batcave. A wonder of metallurgy, they are created from hardened steel alloys with heat-tempered, impact resistant ceramic coatings. The weapons may be used in short or long range applications or as a tool to administer a blunt force and act as a cutting sheath. They are also stored with relative ease in the utility belt because of dual quick release collapsible hinges.

Known informally as the Grappling Gun, the Wall-Penetrating Grapnel allows Batman and Robin to traverse buildings with ease. A magazine of explosively-propelled darts attach to de-cel jumpline reels secured with braking and clipping mechanisms inside the grapnel gun sleeve. Various gas pellets are used by Batman and Robin as the perfect distraction or deterrent. By breaking these hardened gelatin spheroid capsules, they can rapidly deploy flash bangs, smoke bombs, or tear gas.