The Sphere

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Bereft, Targets, Homefront, Alpha Male, Disordered, Coldhearted, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Salvage, Darkest, Cornered, War, The Hunt, Intervention, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Triptych, Home Fires, Nightmare Monkeys, Quiet Conversations, Inhospitable, Artemis Through the Looking Glass, The Lady, or the Tigress?, I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings, Ebb Tide, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Cherry Gig, Foreign Affairs, Metallic Aftertaste, and Last Rights
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed, Shape Shifting, Flight, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The New Genisphere is a female living object created on New Genesis also known as New Genesis Life-Tech. She was stolen and sent by the Light's new partner to the Bialyan desert on September 3rd, at 4:49 Eastern European Summer Time. A team led by Psimon procured the Sphere and ran tests on her. They determined she had some sentience and could feel pain. She eventually got free and helped Miss Martian and Superboy fight off their captors. The Sphere and Superboy have some affection for each other. She followed the two back to the Bio Ship in Qurac and served as the only mission souvenir.

Superboy was allowed to keep the Sphere and she currently resides in the Cave with him. Sphere was assigned the designation C-01. She appears to project "jealousy" when Superboy focuses his attention away from her. On October 23rd, Sphere transformed into a three-wheeled all terrain vehicle and took Superboy and Wolf on a ride across the Eastern Seaboard. The Forever People detected the Sphere upon booming to Earth and demanded it be returned to them. However, Mother Box informed Vykin that Superboy rescued her from the real thieves. When Infinity-Man was corrupted by a Father Box, Sphere changed its form and leapt atop him. She injected her tail into Infinity-Man's neck and took control of his body. Superboy took the helm and guided Infinity-Man to disarming Intergang. However, DeSaad, Intergang's benefactor, detonated an explosive that heavily damaged Sphere. Vykin placed Mother Box on Sphere and began the healing process. Superboy convinced the Forever People to let him keep her. Wally West rechristened her the Super-Cycle. On November 11th, the Super-Cycle was utilized to drop Robin and Aqualad at Flying Ice Fortress #1 then proceed to a second.

On December 31st, part of the Team vacated the Cave with Wolf, Red Tornado, and a bound Black Canary aboard the Super-Cycle. They later reunited with the rest of the Team and the Super-Cycle docked inside the Bio Ship. Sphere later helped the Team innoculate the Justice League and free them of Starrotech. While it successfully neutralized John Stewart, Sphere didn't have the same luck with Superman and was heaved up into the ceiling above. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Super-Cycle took Nightwing and Wonder Girl to El Paso to recruit Blue Beetle to the Team. When several crises emerged, they detoured to Taos. Super-Cycle briefly took on the Sphere form to use the Zeta Tube along with the others. It changed back to Super-Cycle and took everyone to Metropolis. Once the Team and Justice Leaguers conferred, Zatanna came aboard and cast a glamour spell that masked everyone in order to sneak aboard the alien vessel above Metropolis. In the battle against the Collector of Worlds, Sphere followed Scarab's lead and fired a frequency capable of neutralizing the Collector's attack.

On February 13th, Team Year Six, Super-Cycle generated a frequency that nullified the effects of an Apokoliptian device used by Ugly Manheim to control the Appellaxian Golem. It transformed into pillbug mode and attempted to take control of the Golem but was knocked aside. On May 26th, Sphere was assigned to Gamma Squad with Bumblebee and Guardian. As Super-Cycle, it provided transport and cover fire to the room holding the Warworld's power core. However, at mission's end, the Team was betrayed by Blue Beetle. In desperation, Arsenal opened the airlock. Only Sphere was sucked out into space. On May 30th, Nightwing and Miss Martian boarded the Warworld and were reunited with Sphere. It shifted to Super-Cycle and took them to the stasis chamber where the rest of the Team was being held. On June 14th, the Super-Cycle took Batgirl, Impulse, Zatanna, and Impulse to Bialya with Blue Beetle in tow. It blasted the hidden passage of a secret airstrip open but upon entry was knocked over by Mammoth. After Blue Beetle and Green Beetle were put off-mode, they vacated Bialya in the Super-Cycle.

On June 20th, 08:16 EDT, Super-Cycle was present at the Metropolis briefing. At 23:16 EDT, it landed near Mount Justice with several members of the Team to greet those from the Justice League returning from Rimbor. On July 30th, 00:00 EDT, Team Year Eight, Conner Kent flew to Centennial Park in Super-Cycle then Nightwing's covert team flew through the Zeta-Tube. At 19:23 EEST, Kent and Jefferson Pierce flew Super-Cycle under the radar and over the Vlatavan border into Markovia with their gear. They landed in the northwest corner of the Markovian National Cemetary. Some time later, Artemis Crock rescued a Quarci girl from Joe Henchy, Johann Mintz, and Piotor Platz then hailed Sphere for an extraction. Super-Cycle and the girl got along quickly. While in flight, Dick Grayson rerouted Super-Cycle to Pierce's coordinates. Crock ordered the girl to say outside the sewer outlet with Super-Cycle while she and Pierce ventured inside to rescue Kent from the Bedlam Syndicate. They did not listen and saved Crock and Pierce from Plasmus then Super-Cycle cleared a path to the syndicate's base.

During the fight in the base, Super-Cycle was hit by some of Plasmus' magma and crashed. After the syndicate retreated, Nightwing's team left in Super-Cycle after Dr. Jace helped set the place to explode. Another battle took place outside on the shoreline. Joe Henchy briefly neutralized Super-Cycle with an Apokoliptian weapon. It reverted back to Sphere. On August 1st, Kent worked on fixing a motorcycle he was hired to work on. Prince Brion Markov could not comprehend why he was bothering with it when he had the world's most amazing motorcycle. Super-Cycle chirped. Kent reiterated he needed the money and pointed out Sphere did not need his help but the bike did. On August 4th, Sphere greeted Bear after he boomed to Happy Harbor in need of Earth expertise for an investigation involving Bugs, meta-humans, and New Gods on New Genesis. On August 5th, Halo asked Sphere for help. It turned into Super-Cycle and took them to Infinity Island. On August 6th, 00:41 ECT, Super-Cycle took them down to the island but a battle with Sensei broke out.

Ubu neutralized Super-Cycle with Apokoliptian technology. She was chained up. Nightwing, Superboy, Miss Martian, Tigress, and Black Lightning came to their rescue. Sphere and Forager teamed up to squash Ubu and his Apokoliptian weapon. On September 29th, 13:02 EDT, Super-Cycle arrived at Owings Mills with Superboy, Forager, and Brion Markov. Lobo interrupted the training session. Kent called for Maneuver 16. Super-Cycle opened fire on Lobo who then took a punch from Superboy. Lobo summoned his Space Hog to deal with Super-Cycle. On October 15th, Sphere noticed Victor Stone's Father Box techonology and turned into Super-Cycle. Father Box took over Stone's body and blasted at her. Kent jumped between them and took both blasts. Violet Harper cleansed Stone then Kent ordered Super-Cycle to stand down. She obeyed and turned back into Sphere. On October 31st, Sphere aided Miss Martian's squad during a strike on a meta-depot in Utah. On January 2nd, Team Year Nine, Sphere helped Artemis Crock and Tara Markov locate Violet Harper after she ran away. They arrived in Dhabar and reunited with her.

Harper boomed them to the Hub in the Premiere Building. Sphere spent the night there. Late into the night, Jefferson Pierce and Dr. Jace sneaked around in the kitchen and broke a bottle. After January 22nd, Sphere was unable to detect Harper. Aquaman concluded that meant Harper was off-world. On February 25th, 07:38 EST, Team Year Ten, Sphere was present to wish M'gann M'orzz, Conner Kent, Garfield Logan, and J'onn J'onzz goodbye before they departed for their trip to M'arzz. Cullen Row promised Kent he would take care of Wolf and Sphere for him. On April 20th, 18:25 ECT, Super-Cycle flew Tigress, Onyx, and Cassandra Savage across the Carribbean Sea to Santa Prisca. On April 21st, after 21:04 ECT, Super-Cycle fired off a warning shot from the sky to force Lady Shiva to stay away from Tigress's team. Tigress, Onyx, Cheshire, and Orphan left Santa Prisca on Super-Cycle. On April 22nd, 01:23 ECT, they pursued Cheshire on Super-Cycle. At 01:25 ECT, Cheshire flew at them in her helicopter and forced them into the ocean as Super-Cycle skidded. On September 16th, Sphere was present at the wedding of Conner Kent and M'rann M'orzz in Happy Harbor at Lucas Carr's residence.

On November 11th, 22:33 UTC+2, Super-Cycle flew the Outsiders's Gorilla Squad through Cyborg's Boom Tube to Madinat Altharwati in Greater Biayla. They were thrust into an immediate battle with several Lex-Bots outside a Lexcorp Robotics factory. Super-Cycle opened fire on them while Terra remained onboard and smashed others. The duo remained outside while the rest of the squad headed inside to find Queen Perdita Vladek. The Lex-Bots were starting to overwhelm them from all sides but Mongoose Squad arrived and provided back-up.